My 3DS. Gathering Dust. Literally.

No-one was more enthusiastic about the 3DS when it was first released. No-one. But today, I looked across at my 3DS and found that it was gathering dust. Literally. I haven't played or charged it in weeks. Ocarina of Time lies half played in the game slot. Forever alone.


    This makes me sad. I play mine pretty much every day. Take it for runs to get coins and take it to the shops for streetpass hits.

      Do you actually play any GAMES though? Streetpass is fine, but it won't last long. I've done the puzzles/quest, so now the coins just accrew for no reason.

        Yeah playing Zelda at the moment, with Pilotwings and Street Fighter still.

          you zetta sons of digits! DOA lets you use those unused playcoins to get gifts!

    My PS3 does that!
    So then I put a garbage bag over the top, so the dust settles on that, and whenever I want to play it, I just whip it off and choke on all the dust I just threw into the air.


      This is my favourite comment from today

      I used to have a tea towle on mine. :P

      Should invest in a shelf, or cabinet!

      Or make a novelty gaming console cover.

    Glad I've opted to pick up a PSV instead. Nintendo has lost me as a fan of their hardware. Yes I'd love to be able to play some of their best first party titles. But I don't want expensive dust magnets lying around my house.

      This is what happens when Nintendo decides to invest money in a system that has no games to play.

    I'm in the same boat. There's just nothing good on it, and the eShop has nothing new and worth playing either.

      yeah i got a US one because i figured at least their Eshop would be better than ours.

      it's pathetic though.

      realistically i think every Zelda Metroid and Mario. GBA or earlier should be on there.

      Nintendo really need to get their s#$# together

    Get your ass back there and finish Ocarina of Time, or we're going to have ourselves a good old fashion lynching!

    On Saturday I wiped the layer of dust off the top of mine only to come back the next day with a new layer already formed. I blame the glossiness and the fact I don't use it for anything other than streetpass.

    Took my 3DS to the Mana Bar Melb opening, then with me at the Meat and got 20 or so street pass, good day.
    But haven't used it since finishing Zelda.

      I walked past the Mana Bar Melbourne and managed to get five or so street passes. That place is a concentrated street pass experience.

    I bought a DS. The old grey behemoth.

    I never upgraded to a DS Lite.
    I never upgraded to a DSi.
    I never upgraded to a DSiXL.

    I think the last time I played a game on my DS, it was before the DSi even came out.

    I can't imagine why I'd buy a 3DS, not even for a new Pokemon game.

    my ds was sitting at an angle and in the right like just like the photo. Swear you took a photo of mine. all comments relevant to me :P

    It's honestly distressing to see this happen to an incredible piece of hardware like the 3DS. My DS lite is exactly the same. I just got Dragon Quest 9 and still it sits untouched.

    And I don't see this changing at all. Unless Nintendo DRASTICALLY change their business and begin supporting their hardware with regular software, things won't change. You can bank on your Wii U being covered the same layer of dust only months after launch.

    Is it from lack of interest? Lack of time? Or have your handheld gaming affections turned to another device such as a smartphone?

      Lack of games really.

      I played Ocarina and Pilotwings, but sort of lost interest. The gimmick of 3D without glasses is gone. I've finished the Street Pass quest. Have most of the puzzles done. Just have zero motivation to play at the moment.

        That was going to be the issue all along, though - once the gimmick of the 3D wears off, what's left? Similar to the Wii - once the initial novelty of motion control wears off, what's left?

        The answer in both cases is "not a hell of a lot". Although the 3DS is much earlier in its lifespan so there's more hope for that one. Although if it keeps dragging its heels and the PS Vita is quick out of the starting blocks then they could have a problem on their hands.

    Seems to be the way most 3D things are going...

      LOL! This is true - Took the kids to see Kung Fu Panda during the school hols - the 2D showing was sold out - had to go 3D instead dammit!

    This is exactly why I've been waiting for there to be games to play on it before buying one.

    Of course if Trauma Center: Under the Knife 3 comes out, you can bet that I'll have a 3DS in my grubby little paws in no time.

    What about those missions through the city for street passes? It gets old pretty quikly though.

    Having owned pretty much every Nintendo console and portable ever released, the 3DS holds zero appeal to me. Nintendo seriously dropped the ball with this one. Probably seemed like a good idea at the time, when Avatar was raking in millions at the box office and everyone was jizzing all over 3D. At the moment it's an overblown gimmick with one decent game (a re-release of a N64 game) and nothing else of substance to offer.

      I’d also like to add that I’m of the opinion that dedicated portable gaming devices are on the verge of extinction.

      The PSVita might attract a few core gamers for a while but I think that will be the end of it. Portable gaming will just become a featured fused into smart phones.

      I’ve not touched my DS in ages, but I’m constantly playing great games on my iPhone – Shining Force(Mega Drive), Cricket Captain, Plants Vs Zombies, Hanging/Words With Friends, Swords & Sworcery etc. Final Fantasy Tactics is also coming to iPhone.

        i don't think the issue is with dedicated portable gaming devices.

        The real issue now is the turn around to getting games on them.

        a handheld seems to have only 1-2 worthwhile games a month if your lucky(and of course the 20 at xmas time because they are a pain like that)

        while the iphone there is something new every week if not day. Couple this with the fact that they are much easier to play in bites than a handheld game does change things.

        problem lies solely in the games though and the fact that carrying cartridges around is a pain.

    Well Mark, you can always give it to someone who owns the Ocarina Edition of OoT but doesn't own a 3DS for example, me?

    I'm slowly getting through the OOT Master Quest in bits and pieces on the train, after that I'll get back into Link's Awakening and then if nothing new has come out I may go back to some unfinished DS games (even then I might use my DSLite for those with its superior battery life)

    I was getting into earning the coins and streetpasses but I've finished off all the puzzle pics and am almost through the RPG for a 2nd time so it doesn't have the allure anymore unless they release more puzzle pics.

      Also my step counter has become rather weird and will sometimes reset itself but still giving me the coins I had earned from the steps it lost. Too bad it still maxes out at 10 coins for the day.

    Maybe it's just because I upgraded to a 3DS from an original Phat DS, but I can't get enough of the eShop. My 3DS still sees plenty of use.

    I just wish that the eShop prices were a little better. Either they should let us buy games individually instead of putting $10 into the wallet, or adjust the game prices so that I can get the most out of that money (eg. $2.50, $5, 7.50) instead of having irregular amounts left over (and having to top-up again). :P

    Poor 3DS.

    Nowadays, my 3DS is hidden in darkness, inside a drawer. 3D slider set to off. Hinges still springy and snappy from not being opened.
    Wedged between a pile of unfinished DS games. Waiting for the next decent side scrolling Mario game.

      This could be alternate lyrics to Radiohead's 'Fitter, Happier'.

    You need four of them like me then, forever an orgy.


      Street pass orgy. Quest must have been a piece of piss for you.

        Yup pretty much, every money they're all glowing green.

        In other news my electricity bill has gone up $200 since the 3DS came out.

    This week is the first time that I havn't played it at least once a day since launch. I played samurai warriors chronicles until ocarina of time came out, and I just finished master quest last thursday.

    If you see samurai warriors for cheap, I'd recommend picking it up. I'd rate it deeper and better then the latest console warriors game, dynasty warriors 7.

    i'm glad my friends got 3DS's so i can play them (especially when kingdom hearts 3ds comes out) but i'm sticking with a vita

    You could also try dusting and/or vacuuming more often... ;-)

      LOL! I hate dust and despite vacuuming and dusting weekly (gotta keep my Persona girls dust free! :p) dust starts forming damn near immediately aftre I'm done.

      I'm so happy my new PC case has dust filters on it. Have to change the bastard every week but at least the inside is dust free!

      Stop shedding so much dead skin cells.
      Must be all the dry chaffing.

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