What's In Store?

This is What's in-store, where we take a regular look at the latest releases, and price match them across the three major specialist retailers in Australia. Who's the cheapest this week?

NOTE: These are the prices as of today. If you guys have spotted any other deals, be sure to let us know in the comments below and we'll update accordingly!

F.3.A.R. GAME: $68 (360/PS3) $64 (PC) EB: $79.95 (360/PS3) $89.95 (PC) JB Hifi: $74 (360/PS3) $65

Duke Nukem Forever GAME: $68 (360/PS3) $64 (PC) EB: $88 (360/PS3) $89 (PC) JB Hifi: $89 (360/PS3) $79

InFamous 2 GAME: $88 (PS3) EB: $99.95 (PS3) JB Hifi: $79

DiRT 3 GAME: $78 (360/PS3) EB: $79.95 (360/PS3) JB Hifi: $89 (360/PS3)

Call of Duty: Black Ops GAME: $74 (360/PS3) EB: $96 (360/PS3) JB Hifi: $89 (360/PS3)

Homefront GAME: $68 (360/PS3) EB: $54.95 (360/PS3) JB Hifi: $79 (360/PS3)

FIFA 11 GAME: $34 EB: $39.95 JB Hifi: $34

Mass Effect 2 GAME: $28 EB: $43.85 JB Hifi: $89


    This weekly article would be so helpful if Steam didn't exist.

      Derp, helpful for me**

      I'm sure it's helpful for others.

      ... or ozgameshop.com

        I agree, buying from local sources for that ridiculous price is just idiocy. Who cares about supporting local industry when they are plainly just gouging

          Ignorance. Maybe look at how it actually works and at who's actually getting gouged before commenting. Idiot. Now maybe if local suppliers dropped their selling prices to retailers we'd be fine, but there's enough comments and articles about that.

      Or you enjoyed console games Simon. How's Infamous 2 on the PC?

      Almost every big release game on the PC is now suffering from regional pricing on Steam. This list will be very useful in the near future I'd imagine. That is of course, if you decide against importing (which quite frankly, I think any PC gamer would be a fool not to do).

    I imagin that JB dosent sell that many copies of mass effect 2 for 90$

      Ridiculous pricing. Usually JB isn't too bad with older games.

      I'm assuming the Mass Effect 2 listed here is for PS3.
      EB and GAME both have it on sale right now, which explains the low price. Usually it sells for $110.
      I'm not sure if the game is on sale at JB right now, or if that's just it's normal price.

    I bought Duke Nukem Forever from GAME in-store for $88 yesterday. Is this for new financial year prices? Or just online buys?

      You're an idiot. Sif pay that much money for the worst game of the year lol

        Wow, tell him how you really feel....Bit harsh dude...

        You're an idiot. Sif think your opinion matters to anyone lol

      Yeah only went on special today, eofy special price.

      It's like $42 delivered on ebay - that price is just about right, if still on the high side.

      Why not just 7 day return it and then re-buy it at the cheaper price?

    Steam store is having a huge sale too. Different stuff every day.

    FIFA11 is part of the 2 for $48 deal at BigW.. so effectively $24.. pretty cheap.

    Black Ops is actually on special for $68 at EB

    Why don't you guys just buy from play asia, they have pretty much every new release for around 50 AUD delivered. You would have to be insane to give any of these stores your hard earned cash.

      Hard earned? Sif you don't just work Maccas drive-thru...

    steam sales are on for the next 10 days, crazy deals, like for example for the price you pay for a new release at Eb games (110 dollars) you could buy between 30-50 titles from this steam sales, most likely more. An titles, i mean full on games.

    What I find funny is the hate towards *game retailers* for being so over-priced etc...

    As some one who works for one of these companies, I see our staff and H/O compaining about the prices too. It's not upto us to drop games down to prices of $40-60 because on most AAA titles our cost is $80+

    We are forever harping on publishers to give us a better deal so that we can pass on the savings. Unfortunately our hands are also tied to a degree too. Remember, almost all of us at these stores are hardcore gamers too.. these prices don't just affect you guys in *the public* it affects us too.. business wise and as consumers ourselves

    Damn. I was hoping to see DNF for much less than that...

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