From Dust Is Ubisoft’s Fastest Selling Digital Game

From Dust Is Ubisoft’s Fastest Selling Digital Game

From Dust Is Ubisoft’s Fastest Selling Digital Game I like it when innovative games sell well. The fact that Child of Eden struggled still keeps me awake at night. Thank goodness then, that Ubisoft is reporting that From Dust was a resounding success, easily swatting away Scott Pilgrim vs the World to become its biggest selling digital release ever.

I haven’t had too much time with the game so far, but I’m enjoying the fact that a genre, which many thought dead and buried is ‘wiisssing from its grave’ to wow us all.

Apparently day one sales were 45% higher than any other digital title Ubisoft had ever released.

Now – how about someone other than Telltale Games creating adventure games!

Ubisoft: From Dust Marks Company’s Fastest Selling Digital Release [Gamasutra]


    • It would have sold far better as a digital release, too. I’m sure this headline wouldn’t exist if Ubisoft had decided to turn From Dust into a full-priced retail game.

  • Would’ve sold even faster if they released it on PC on the same day as they planned…..

    Still annoyed at how they delayed it for a month merely a few days before the supposed release date.

  • I have plans to purchase it on PC when it comes out.

    Scott Pilgrim vs the world was a top selling game? I loved that game, it was the perfect game for the series and it had awesome music and graphics, but I thought it sold like garbage. Go Scott Pilgrim!

  • Although I really like the look of this title, ubisoft drm practices will probably turn me away from the PC version, and I am trying to avoid adding the pile of shame sitting next to my dusty consoles.

    • As in you won’t support any ubi game on principle or won’t buy from dust because it has Always On DRM? I’m pretty certain I read it doesn’t have AODRM so you should be right on that front.

      • yep, it is an in principle thing
        I purchase most of my PC games through Steam and accept their DRM as a necessary evil that is offset by the fact that the Steam Platform itself adds so much value to my limited leisure time. Double DRM? no thanks.

  • I played a bit of the demo, looks interesting, kinda reminded me lemmings. I would also be interested in hearing about aboriginal thoughts on the certain instruments used in the opening.

    • I thought the same thing when the didge’s started up. But then I remember that we get guys busking at Circular quay with a digde and some techno music.
      Hopefully the Australian Indigenous community will use this a springboard to get more of their music in the public space and from that build another bridge in the gap between Indigenous Australians and everyone else.

  • Of course, the TF2 DLC had nothing to do with this? 😛

    But good on them, from what I’ve seen of it, it looks like a good game and it’s great to see it get the recognition that it deserves.

    • To be blunt, it’s gotten to the point that people barely care about them. Valve’s suffocated TF2 in promotional jibs, and it’s simply squeezed the interest out of the player-base.

      Peeps who were getting the games anyway get a nice mask, and that’s about it.I don’t think it impacts sales by a gigantic amount like it used to (Telltale very much profited from this, I think).

  • From dust is a damn good game but I feel Bastion deserves more traffic and accolades. Small dev team, poor marketing… shame.

    But that reminds me! I need to go buy Child of Eden already!

  • Chahi is a legend. I’d buy any game he is involved with. He does his research well too – I think he spent many years farming coconuts in Micronesia in prepartion for this game.

    From Dust is very addictive, I’m loving it.

  • waiting waiting for it to be out on PC – I’ve already pre-paid for it on Steam.. now I just need to play it!! 🙂

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