Intel Is Everything In Ghost Recon: Future Soldier's Multiplayer

Just in time for Gamescom, Ubisoft has dropped off a new multiplayer dev diary for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. In the video, Tommy Jacobs, the multiplayer creative director on Future Soldier, walks us through a bunch of for the upcoming tactical shooter.

After playing a good chunk of GRFS at E3 (and allow me to say that as acronyms go, GRFS < GRAW), I came away much more impressed with the game than I'd expected to be. Its trailers had made it look more or less like another unremarkable, grey third-person shooter, but I should've given Ubi more credit — they're very good at building clever mechanics into their games and thereby promoting unique, interesting gameplay.

An interesting feature in the video above is the ability to lay down suppressing fire—when players are ducking under LMG fire, the camera goes nuts and (presumably) makes it difficult to focus, giving an incentive to work together to suppress and flank. It also looks like a big emphasis will be placed on aquiring intel — players will have the ability to stun opponents and hack their suits, giving them temporary knowledge of the opposing team's locations.

I may not have had a chance to play the game's multiplayer, but Crecente's did, and his hands-on left him unsure that these elements could come together into a cohesive multiplayer experience.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier launches in March of 2012.


    No pc is a joke, tho its ubisoft so they would of F'ed it up anyways.

      And made you be permanently online for the privilege of seeing them cock it up, probably after telling you that you didn't need the internet at all

    No PC version for a squad based game that is supposed to extremely intricate? Well, I think we all know how good this game will be...

    This sounds a lot like Metal Gear Online, right?

    Hang on, hang on!

    Are you telling me that a squad based third person shooter that requires precision, skill, and team work is a console exclusive? Even after they said at E3 that it will be for PC?

    Well it's Ubisoft so after what happened with Dust and their stupid DRM I am slowly losing interest with everything Ubisoft is publishing. Sorry Far Cry 3 and Revelations.

    No PC, must be the end of the world guys.

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