Iwata Apologises To Japanese 3DS Owners

On the Japanese Nintendo site, Satoru Iwata has posted a direct apology to early adopters of the 3DS, in the wake of the recent price drop. Giant Bomb has translated the apology - Nintendo Australia- where's our apology? Where's our parade?

We are, of course, merely jesting- those free games you're dishing out will suffice!

That said, the contents of Iwata's letter are interesting, and testament to just how difficult a decision the price drop must have been for Nintendo as a company.

"We are all too keenly aware that those of you who supported us by purchasing the 3DS in the beginning may feel betrayed and criticize this decision," he wrote.

"This unprecedented timing for a price cut is because the situation has changed greatly since we originally launched the 3DS. We decided it was necessary to take this drastic step in order to ensure that large numbers of users will continue to enjoy the 3DS in the future."

The introduction to the 3DS Ambassador Program is similarly apologetic.

"Those customers who purchased the 3DS at the very beginning are extremely important to us," he continues. "We know that there is nothing we can do to completely make up for the feeling that you are being punished for buying the system early."

I think it's great that Iwata is being so open about about the process and the situation - Nintendo is typically closed up when it comes to the internal goings on of the company, so this is a real departure for them as a company.

Read Satoru Iwata's Apologetic Letter to Existing 3DS Owners [Giant Bomb]


    Cross one complaint off the list. Are they going to apologize for region locking and a 3 hour battery life as well now?

    "the situation has changed greatly since we originally launched the 3DS"

    So... what is "greatly different" now from 3 or 4 months ago? The only thing that seems to have changed since then is Nintendo's share price.

      Tsunami/earthquake in Japan;

      Nasty economic situations in EU and USA. Massive drop in US dollar;

      Need I go on?

      Nintendo was a bit silly to release the calibre of games at launch that they did. I bought a DS simply for Pokemon Diamond. The only other games ive bought were zelda and HeartGold and Black. 3ds launch lacked these sort of titles. should have delayed it and released games like this.

      A lower price point would have helped too.

    In other words

    The system wasn't selling anywhere near what we hoped it would...so instead of rectifying the problem and actually giving you software that you would WANT to play on a 3DS...we're cutting the price to sucker people in only for them to realize after the purchase "Oh crap (outside of Zelda) there is still nothing compelling to play for this system as of this date"

    Seriously Nintendo, just give people a few compelling games that will actually MAKE them want to buy the system.

    Software sells Hardware...if your don't have the software then no one is going to buy a 250$ door stop

      Games do not appear out of thin air. They are working on this as we speak.

        Also a larger user base brought on by the price cut would create greater incentive for software developers to make games for the 3DS.

      The price cut's raising interest with the non-extremely hardcore market before they bring out their actual release with actual games. Yes, it's drastic. However, it's also a strategic decision that's going to give positive benefits to the big N in the long run.

      Still, I think that it's good that they have the courage to stand up and admit their mistakes. This is obviously something that's important to them, or they wouldn't go to all this trouble. They screw up, they admit their mistakes, and then they take relatively good care for their customers for a company of their magnitude and size. It's a sign of change in the company, a willingness to adapt so to speak.

      Still disappointed in you Nintendo, but not as much as what I was come launch day.

        >>implying the hardcore market has any interest in Nintendo at all

    Well, because this is a letter directed to me, I do feel a sense of 'it's nice to be thought of' about this. NOE's effort is also commendable.

    Mark raises an important point - Iwata has done a lot to re-invent Nintendo in recent years internally it seems.

    I can't see the price drop making a huge difference. Nintendo makes money from games, and apart from Zelda (which imo, is overpriced as a $70 game, should be ~30/40ish, in par with other remakes) no-one is gonna buy anything.

    There's only crap on the system.

    Persuade Square to re-release Secret of Evermore with a lot more content on the DS and all is forgiven.

    Apology for Australia for buying early. How about an apology to anyone who buys one in the future with the ridiculous mark up that locals have to pay?

    The thing is that Nintendo didnt deliver a promise they made with the 3DS, So far there isnt any proper 3D content, the main selling point of the 3DS is 3D and if there isnt any 3D its just an over glorified DS.

    Dont get me wrong, i can see huge potential for the 3DS but Nintendo cant ride the coat tails of Ocarina of Time until Christmas when the best games are coming out.

    I feel that if the holiday 3DS' releases were actually launch title then Nintendo wouldnt be in the situation they are in now.

    They should never have released it until they had some decent titles to launch it with, plus the features they told us we would get. It came out with no games, no estore and no web browser, ffs. It took them 2 months to bring out either of them.

    Couple that with the fact there's STILL no games for it - OoT is great, don't get me wrong - but it's a remake, it's not good enough.

    The system has some great potential, but it's sitting in my drawer at work, and has been for about a month. MGS3D was to be my knight in shining armor, but that's been pushed back to '12 now.

    I stuck with the 3DS and it's shortcomings for the first 2 months, optimistic they'd prove me wrong. I've almost given up - giving me 10 GB/GBA games or whatever they're planning ain't going to fix that either, I'm sorry to say.

      I get it, man.
      But, if you love Nintendo (and I think most of us here do) you bought it knowing what the present and immediate future was bringing. In other words, patience is required - just like having to wait between decent titles on the Wii.

      When Super Mario, Mario Kart, Snaker Eaterm 3D...etc come out, our patience should be rewarded. Have a little faith...

        Patience will win out in the end, I know.
        I mean it's not like I'm going to sell it or anything, hell I'd keep it for MGS in my pocket alone!

        I guess it's just a little disappointing. But in the true nature of a gamer's memory, as soon as the good titles start rolling out, I'll forget anyway.

        That being said, this is the first Nintendo console I've owned since my N64, when Nintendo lost me to the PSX. Still getting used to Nintendo's greatly changed business/design ethic, lol.

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