Jeremy Clarkson Talks About...a Halo Warthog

If you've ever wanted to hear the Top Gear star drawl "light plasma cannons", you should watch this clip of Jeremy Clarkson giving the rundown on the Warthog that'll feature in Halo 4.

It comes across as a bizarre piece of marketing, until you remember the Warthog will be in the upcoming Forza 4 (albeit not in a drivable state), a game that will have Top Gear branding and content all over it.

Forza 4 is out in October on Xbox 360.


    The whole "not in a drivable state" makes me wonder what the point is.

      To make you want to drive it in Halo 4.

        But people already want to drive it in Halo 4...

      This. What's the point?

      I mean, it's clearly the type of cross-promotional shite that Today Tonight do, but surely they could have done something a bit more relevent to Forza.

    JEREMY: "What is this drivel? Good thing you're paying me buckets of cash for this..."

    ok, for some reason all youtube video's embedded here just load indefinitely and never play. What gives?

    Didn't WETA make one of these? Maybe Top Gear can borrow it

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