More 3DS Games Delayed Because Not Enough People Bought A 3DS

More 3DS Games Delayed Because Not Enough People Bought A 3DS

There’s a new Harvest Moon game for the Nintendo 3DS. The game’s publisher, Natsume, also has a title called Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove on the way for the platform. Yet despite both of them being finished and ready to go, they’ve been delayed.

Why? Because there aren’t enough people buying the 3DS.

It’s hoped that the recent price drop will spur demand for Nintendo’s latest handheld, leading to a bigger install base for the system, and thus enough consumers to make both titles worth Natsume’s time to release. Both have been pushed back to October.

These aren’t the first games to be delayed (or even cancelled) following the 3DS’ lackluster launch. Hopefully the drop in price (and release of more must-have games for the system) can turn that around.

Natsume Delayed 3DS Games Due to Slow Sales [Nintendo World Report]


  • Seems we have a good old Mexican standoff here. We won’t buy it because the lineup sucks, they won’t release till we buy it.

    Who is gonna break down first?

    • That’s why it’s up to the platform holder (Nintendo in this case) to have a good range of first party titles ready to go at or near launch, not 6 – 12 months later.

      • I believe the current drought was because Ninty was expecting all these 3rd Parties to actually have games ready after release date.

        It has been mentioned they did delay some of their 1st party stuff to allow 3rd parties a chance to saturate the 3DS market first… we all see how that has panned out of course.

  • So… the games are finished, and instead of trying to make cash off them now, your just going to delay them? Yeah okay /pats Natsumes head, Good job!

    • Releasing a game, especially one that has to go to a manufacturing plant for physical SKUs can easily be more expensive than the development cost.

      Generally if it looks very simple that it is being done wrong, and it’s being done wrong by a Japanese console developer/publisher with experience – we dont have all the information.

  • If they bundled the 3DS with one or two QUALITY titles, I imagine more people would be willing to fork out their hard earned. That way, more 3DS consoles get sold, and people won’t be as disheartened by the lack of games. But alas…

    • Bundling: it worked for Game Boy, it worked for Wii and NDS sales only really took off when retailers started selling it with Nintendogs at discount-bundle prices.

      How hard can it possibly be to bundle a couple of simple AR games and the equivalent of Clubhouse Games?

  • I still say Nintendo’s sales are faltering because gamers are becoming more and more tired of playing stale remakes of the same franchises again with every new console.

  • No, bad nastume. Bad. You don’t get to dangle the best game on the 3ds until the new pokemon and then delay it.

    GIEF NAO. OCD demands it.

  • This boggles the mind. How the hell does this call make any business sense at all?

    It’s not like people have to buy the game within X period of purchasing their 3DS, so there might be a theoretical advantage in delaying it.

    How does delaying it improve the game sales at ALL?

  • Honestly… next time Ninty floods their console w/ 1st party titles that eats up the charts I don’t want to hear anymore crying from 3rd Party publishers not being given a chance…

    At least if Ninty does it that way their actually earning money as opposed to pandering to idiots and going down the drain from a business point of view.

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