Assassin’s Creed Movie Close To Being Green Lit

Assassin’s Creed Movie Close To Being Green Lit

According to variety, Ubisoft is close to signing off with Sony Pictures on an Assassin’s Creed movie project.

Apparently the rights to the movie were hotly contested by a number of huge studios, with Sony winning out. It’s expected that Sony will foot the bill on what is expected to be a lavish production.

The default position, when these things are announced, is usually cynicism - you have to protect yourself after years and years of terrible adaptations, but perhaps Assassin's Creed is the kind of IP that would work well as a movie. There are plenty of interesting themes running through the narrative.

Maybe it'll be like a modern day Highlander, with a modern day story interspersed with dalliances into different points in history. Yes... please. Make that movie!

There can only be one.

Sony targets 'Assassin's Creed' for bigscreen [Variety]


  • Please make this EPIC. Accurate clothing, no money spared on architecture, people with ACCENTS, etc. I will so be in the front row of the queue!

  • If Ubisoft plays a big part in development it should be good. I wonder if they’ll try and compress the first game into a movie or make an original story.

  • hopefully they go all out like the movie Troy and Build a large chunk of the city like the Front wall and alot of the streets.

    Honesty if they drop the entire Desmond crap to maybe the very end for sequel and just have it as the story of Altair would be a good movie, so far the only story line that made any sense and had an actual twist that you couldn’t really see coming and no aliens and crap and skipping through time.

    • “so far the only story line that made any sense and had an actual twist that you couldn’t really see coming and no aliens and crap and skipping through time.”

      I don’t understand. That’s exactly what Assassin’s Creed as a series is about. There were references to the “aliens” and even time travel in the first Assassin’s Creed.

      What you’ve just said is like somebody going to watch a Star Wars movie and yelling, “WHAT THE HELL, THIS IS SO UNREALISTIC, THIS WOULD BE SO MUCH BETTER WITHOUT THE SPACESHIPS AND ALIENS AND STRANGE PLANETS”.

      I just… don’t understand your comment, at all.

      • well there is a few grammatical errors in there as its still the morning. Anyways I mentioned nothing about it being UNREALISTIC (quit the caplocks) I was trying to point out that the whole alien stuff and the skipping though time wasn’t really needed and to me felt outer place. And AC1 made the most sense to me story wise, I understood what was going on and was taken by the twist in the end. As long as the they keep the desmond stuff to the end it will be a good movie hopefully.

        • I know you never said unrealistic, I was just drawing a parallel.

          Anyway, I still don’t understand your point. How can it feel out of place? The alien stuff (although it seems to come more under fantasy or mythology to me) was there in AC1 as well. I just don’t understand how it can feel out of place when that’s what the entire story is about.

          • A lot of the Desmond stuff in the first AC was put there mostly as an ‘excuse’ for you to be in control of a character. Their is already s separation between the character and the story as you have control. The fact this is a dream/memory is how this is explained.

            When you get into a passive mode of story telling the fact that what you are watching is a dream that somebody you were just watching is having makes a lot less sense.

            Really I think it will depend on if they want to do a series or a film. If they are just going to do a single film there is no reason to have it as anything other than the story of Altair. If they are planning sequels then they need the Desmond narrative to connect the movies and the characters

  • Best case senario IMO is if they make up their own Assassin and main character. Then they wont have to worry about adapting a game just the IP. Also I hope the crew who worked on that short film they made has a hand in it some where though I’d like to see filmed on location rather then CG. (or better yet get really old and build all the sets like its the 40s)

    • Yes please, maybe a ninja assassin (not THAT movie!), monk assassin (Chinese Assassin), or something set in France. So we can actually see beautiful vista of other places too.

  • Is it really that surprising? Ubisoft has been branching off for years. After seeing Lineage, it’s really to be expected that they’d want to do something bigger and more profitable.

    I’m glad though, it means more employment and more of a film/game industry crossover. Being from the game industry, currently working in a film studio, there are too many artists that won’t go near games based on the negative implications of games. Hopefully this’ll show them that the stereotypes are false.

  • id like to see ezios story as a movie without all the interference of the overarching plot. the story of a young italian boy in 15th century italy who’s family is murdered and he has to don his fathers assassin identity and seek revenge. id watch that

  • But if the movie was based of the game. You’d see the protagonist ‘assassin’ slaying armies of enemies like a berserker purely by having ‘main character buff’and an OP counter.

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