EscapeVektor Haiku Competition: Winners Inside!

“Do a Haiku competition,” said Tracey.

“You’ve never had to judge a Haiku competition have you?” I said. “It’s hard!”

Bloody hell — counting all those syllables, reading hundreds of entries, and then selecting the best out of dozens of amazing entries. Complete nightmare. But thankfully we’ve come together and picked our favourites, argued, called each other a ‘big stupid face’ and come to a final conclusion — these are our five favourite Haikus of the bunch.

This game looks awesome.
But haiku’s are really hard.

Hermes and Thoth
This is the seventieth
Don’t bother counting

Sleeping Wolf
White line of pure snow,
Your gentle caress moves me,
Why do I poop dots?

Our paired overlords
Should let me win by default.
But Nnooo. Stupid jerks.

Like a drug addict
I spend all day on white lines
but can’t overdose

As always, there were an absolute power of awesome entries in the comp, including this awesome little thread which totally transforms into a Haiku conversation.

Congratulations to all the winners. We’ll be in touch!

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