EscapeVektor Haiku Competition: Winners Inside!

"Do a Haiku competition," said Tracey.

"You've never had to judge a Haiku competition have you?" I said. "It's hard!"

Bloody hell — counting all those syllables, reading hundreds of entries, and then selecting the best out of dozens of amazing entries. Complete nightmare. But thankfully we've come together and picked our favourites, argued, called each other a 'big stupid face' and come to a final conclusion — these are our five favourite Haikus of the bunch.

GentlemanJ This game looks awesome. But haiku’s are really hard. Refrigerator.

Hermes and Thoth 69 comments This is the seventieth Don’t bother counting

Sleeping Wolf White line of pure snow, Your gentle caress moves me, Why do I poop dots?

Batguy Our paired overlords Should let me win by default. But Nnooo. Stupid jerks.

Chuloopa Like a drug addict I spend all day on white lines but can’t overdose

As always, there were an absolute power of awesome entries in the comp, including this awesome little thread which totally transforms into a Haiku conversation.

Congratulations to all the winners. We'll be in touch!


    Thanks guys, that's so cool!
    Look forward to playing it!
    After Batman though.

      with your bat-handle
      i think it's a real given
      maybe combine them?

      I should thank Strange too.
      Her reply to my entry
      Surely helped my cause!

        It should be a rule:
        All site comments in haiku
        Else face insta-ban

          i like your ruling
          we should also spank their butts
          with Harli's oak oar

        one thing is for sure
        compared to other comments
        it was full of win

    Honestly, for me
    i just really love haiku
    game is a bonus


    Thank you kotaku
    this should be lots of fun, eh?
    i'm canadian?

    why no more comments?
    please join in our haiku fun
    or else i sad face

      More comments follow;
      Your sadface, where has it gone?
      No cry, emo kid.

        like the warm sunshine
        you have bought cheer to my life
        no more good charlotte

    Batguy and the Loops
    A haiku writing duo
    Also fighting crime

      like lone wolves - but two
      so not really like lone wolves
      more like furry pair

    I call foul on rules
    Two dont even mention game...
    Eh, I'm just bitter

      I mention the devs
      But not the game, I agree.
      Still worked nicely though.

      rules around these parts
      tend to be more a guideline
      just go nuts and pray

        Not the praying kind
        Though, George Carlin thinks I should
        Pray to Joe Pesci

          neither am i but
          i found god in bruce campbell
          and that's just groovy

    What on earth is this?
    Writing in haiku, for real?
    Driving me crazy...

      go to the chemist
      here's your prescription from me
      it's for some chill pills

    i have gone crazy
    too much haiku love in here
    argh! i have joined in!

      like an awkward look
      you have become one of us
      no more need for towels

    The winners to deserved to win;
    I cracked up at them.

    Really? Are you trolling us?
    That haiku is OLD.

    I missed this compo.
    I wish I had entered.
    Now I have remorse.

    Cant believe one of the winners was using a stolen haiku.

    That refrigerator joke has been around for over three years.

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