Kinect To Finally Learn Australian Next Wednesday?

Invites sent out on Friday for a special Microsoft Australia event on October 26 boldly state that those who attend will "receive a gift enabling them to experience the promise of voice control". No further details are provided, such as a date for regular folk to experience said promise, but I'm sure that will be forthcoming.

TechAU kindly provided a snap of the invite (below), where it's easy enough to read all the Kinect-related words, especially the ones that say "Kinect". While the event will have a broader multimedia focus, attendees will be able to try out Kinect's long sought after voice control functionality, funny accents and all.

I'm guessing Mark and/or Tracey have the invitations sitting in their inboxes waiting to be read, so they should be able to confirm what the official deal is by, well, attending.

Image: TechAU

Xbox event this Wednesday! Voice control finally coming to Australia [TechAU]


    About damn time!

    Voice seems to work fine with the Kinect Sports 2 demo I just got off Live. Still, rolling the whole feature out across the 360 system will be nice to finally see! :-)

      Theres a Kinect Sports 2 demo!!!???
      Shit, getting it now!

      Already have it pre-ordered for next week. Was seriously hoping voice was going to work for it.

        That there is! :-)

        Just golf and tennis in the demo, though.

        Love the golf! Not at all a sports player or watcher, but it really was a fun experience.

        Now just waiting for Kinect Disneyland Adventures - and a Kinect Adventures 2, should it come to be! :-D

          Golf is what Im wanting to try most.

            Great, hope you like it! Not yet hit the sailboat, but give it time! ;-)

            Over 300 voice commands in it, too. Wow!

            The skiing hopefully will take the mind off the sweltering heat of summer...

            About time Microsoft got Kinect into schools, to capitalize on how good they are for active fun and learning. Instead of this clunky old Sports For Schools thing my local supermarket has going, offering Kinects and X Boxes would be way better. Safer, cheaper (less equipment, less travel) and lets you play in any weather - and against schools in almost any country, too! :-) And - a deserved positive win for gamers who are often given grief over actual sports people and more traditionally socially mixing folk, both from peers and authoritarian berks on and off campus...

    This whole thing is rubbish. I created a US account and voice support works with no issues.

    Here is the vid!!!

    I suspect that the real reason this is delayed is that there is no current things you can do with it. Once SBS and iview are available it'll be rolled out!!

    Just frustrating this is never said.

      I don't know why the media are so happy to go along with the 'learning Australian' BS.

        I don't think we've ever gone along with it. It's great sarcasm fodder, however.

    We need Mark to 'go full scottish' again, just to confuse it.

    only a year late and whats this special gift? My only guess would be this special gift is something you speak into that converts your accent into a american accent so the Kinect can pick it up.

    It probably just took them a year to program connect to understand GDAY MATE, or however they think we'll address our consoles.

      Kinect* D:

        It's fun when you have to correct yourself on correct spelling :)

    I guess you can't blame them for delaying it so long - Australian English truly is a complex, nuanced dialect to learn, taking years of dedicated study and plastic surgery to accurately achieve, foreigner or otherwise, actual person or otherwise.

    Does that mean the price goes up?

      its microsoft so expect the 10 dollar kinect voice control australian accent expansion DLC coming soon.

    Crikey, That Kinect ate my baby.

      Heh I just tried searching for that that with the bing voice search on my windows phone 7, it interpreted it as "Karate Kid ate my baby"

        That might explain how Ralph Macchio put on so much weight between Karate Kid 2 and 3.

    Voice support works for the Dance Central 2 demo too, was pleasantly surprised!

    I would like to go to this event..

    too late. i sold mine months ago and don't care anymore. i now have an iphone with siri -see, apple at least launches with their shit working here in oz!!! Why can't microsoft? and theres so many cheap games.

    I've strangely enough got an american accent and my voice controls don't really work with Forza 4. Some of the commands work but I have not yet once managed to get "my garage" to work. :(

    I've been waiting since release to be able to use this damn thing - and I don't speak in a bogan accent. I speak in an American accent. It better work.

    I did notice that voice control is already working in Dance Central 2, also.

    Absolutely crazy it's taken this long, I look forward to the day the bullshit washes away and we find out what actually delayed the process.

    I change my 'location' to the UK ages ago and have been happily using voice control successfully since. You don't even need to create a foreign account, just change location in settings.

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