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Every Wednesday, on Ask Me Stuff, I get asked a question so interesting that I feel the need to throw it out to you guys. This week the question was this - if you could play a game with the quality level of Batman: Arkham City, featuring any licensed character, which character would it be and why? I'd love to play a really high quality Indiana Jones game, but what about you.

I guess we do have that 'Indiana Jones' style play with Uncharted, but I'm sort of jealous of all those crazy hardcore Batman fans who just get a huge kick out of playing the game of their dreams with Batman: Arkham City. There's something special about playing as a character you grew up with, and as someone who was never really into western comic books, I don't really get to experience that with Arkham City - I just get the great game.

Anyway, enough of my rambling - what licensed character would you like to see get the Batman: Arkham City treatment? Let us know in the comments below.


    Boba Fett needs a great game :D

      First comment wins the thread.

      Boba Fett does need an awesome game.

        You mean this terribly underrated yet awesome game? It's Jango Fett, so close enough.

          YES. I've been wanting another Fett game every since I finished that game when it came out... I was SO PISSED when I saw Episode Two and Samuel L. Jackson just shrugs and Jango's head flies off suddenly.
          Meanwhile, back in the game Jango is killing entire armies and Mandalorians and at least one Sith.
          Talk about anti-climatic.

        Star Wars: Bounty Hunter, wasn't too bad, for Jango shooter.

    The Crow made into an Arkham City style game would be amazing, A Blade game made like Devil May Cry, & a Mass Effect style Futurama game:)

      +1 to the Crow idea


      I like the Crow. Stealthy, action, vengeance game.

    Duffman: Springfield Brewery

      oooooohhhhh yeah!

    So many possibilities, can't possibly choose one so instead I'll go with one for a reason other than "zomg nerdgasm."
    James Bond. Seriously. Yeah he already has some okay to very good games, but a truly top tier quality 007 for this generation? It would make such a smashing game old boy! It might not be the licensed title I deserve, but it's the licensed title I need right now.


    Just like Arkham City / Assassin's Creed.

    That shit would be awesome. Set it in Japan for even more awesomeness.

      I know you mentioned what style of game you wished for, but I incredibly enjoyed the Origins game that was released a few years ago and would love to simply have another one of them. Remember playing through that game about 3-4 times back to back for all the collectables and I didn't get bored once!

      Aside from Wolverine who would be one of my choices, the other would be Spiderman.

      Let's face it, Batman has gadgets to get around like Spiderman, so we are halfway there. Spiderman could easily palette swap into the Freeflow combat also being so flexible/nimble. Hopefully the new Spiderman game is as good as the Spiderman 2 movie game.

      There are other great characters, but Bats, Spidey and Wolverine are my 3 favourites.

      Hells to the YES with the Wolverine game... That's all I've wanted, for so damn long. Let him travel via a motorbike, or using his claws to spike his was up the side of buildings and he fights Yakuza and Hand Ninjas! Perfection!

    I'm sure I've seen this somewhere....
    Since Batman has all ready been done, I would love a 24 game done in the same style as Alpha Protocol (with tighter gameplay obviously!), with moral decisions and different branching story paths. Would be hard to make it real time though.

    Vash the Stampede.....

      And a "klutz" meter that builds up which lets you escape from any situation and take out several enemies at the same time.


    Imagine a good detective game playing as that grumpy old Glaswegian bastard.

      TAGGART FTW!!!!

      Dialogue where every option is 'Ah know who the murderer is'.

      There is a serious derth of videogames where you get to play as a grumpy old man.

    Judge Dredd, and not the movie Judge Dredd i mean the old skool 2000AD comix, hard core Fsck your sh!t up Judge Dredd.

    Could you imagine Riding around Mega city one, freeroaming on the Lawmaster, dishing out punishment for a range of crimes.

    being Judge, Jury and Executioner.
    with travel to and from other regions, even into the cursed earth to dish out justice to the lawless....

    i think i just... yep need a change of pants :P

      Definitely Judge Dredd - riding your lawmaster motorcycle around an open world Megacity 1, responding to situations, solving crimes, and arresting perps is my idea of gaming Nirvana. The Dredd Universe is one of the most engrossing and thought provoking IP's in modern comicbooks, and it absolutely deserves its own triple A game.

      A quality Judge Dredd game would be amazing!!!!!!!

    It's a bit of an odd one, but I'd love to see the Dresden Files books by Jim Butcher treated in this way.

    It would fit perfectly: Harry Dresden only ever works in Chicago (with occasional forays into fantastical spiritual realms) and has a whole range of magical and mechanical ways of fighting. The main plot thread would see him solve a couple of major mysteries involving vampires or werewolves, but do side missions to save regular people from spiritual forces along the way.

    Unfortunately the TV series bombed hard. So this ain't ever going to happen.

      PS. If you don't know about these books, go read Storm Front now. It's like reading an action movie, with a really likeable main character who just happens to be a wizard that fights vampires/werewolves/demons/gods/trolls/ghosts/zombies/whatever-else-evil-that-turns-up (and this was long before Twilight came along to girlify these monsters).

      this needs to happen, though dresden does get the snot kicked out of him quite often, instead of leveling up you could de-level as he gets beaten up through the story. Still best book series around. tv show was a load of steaming donkey shyte.

    I'd love a top quality Doctor Who game.

    Unfortunately the content of the show doesn't really lend itself to typical videogames because The Doctor doesn't run around attacking people. Most of the violence comes from the bad guys while the Doctor and friends run away and he comes up with some amazing solution to solve their problems.

    There were the adventure games on PC which sucked, and the horrible Wii and DS games, but surely someone with the budget could come up with a good quality game that is also true to the series.

    It would have to be Superman. As culturally significant and well known as Batman, so non fans will still "get it".
    There could be some type of Kyrptonite radiation that you would have to disperse so your powers could gradually increase. Puzzles based on powers, not gadgets.
    Epic flight based missions/bosses.
    All the same easter eggs type goodness for the fans.

    Or failing that, they could really do something special with the Avengers license.

      Or even better: Set it sorta like the Action Comics reboot, where superman isn't an invincible god and actually needs to put in effort to do stuff.

        Agreed. But I kinda want him near ridiculous OP by the end..
        New badass Aquaman could have some potential too.


        New DC superhero game in early 2012

        My money is on Superman

      Or even better... they could just not do any of the things you have mentioned.

        Cool story bro

          I want to like Superman... I do...

          He's just so, gosh darn infallible, and he can't be beaten... how do you like someone like that?

          I enjoy the comics where he and Batman kind of work together... but can't stand each other.

            Same. The reboot sounds promising.
            Just figured a Superman game might appeal to more people than B'wana Beast.
            (how awesome would that game be!)

            How about rather than letting Superman being beaten, you let him be nigh invincible but young. This way he can still "discover" new abilities.

            You make Metropolis be what can get damaged. Enemy throws you into a building? Metropolis loses health. You blow up a car and Metropolis loses trust in you. Just an idea.

    The Shadow - Similar style to SC: Conviction..?
    Equilibrium - Play both sides of the coin, as a cleric to begin with, then rebelling a third of the way through the game. Combat could be approached in the same way as Assassin's Creed, since a lot of it's mostly based on countering.

      Did you ever play the Equilibrium mod for Max Payne 2?

      It's called "Hall of Mirrors". Gameplay wise, it's not incredible (enter gun kata mode, become invincible), but it's pretty cool.

        I almost lost an entire semester at school to that mod when it finally released... So much fun

    Adventure Time, duh! It's begging for an Ocarina of Time-style action adventure game.

    Have you voted yet:

    Everyone here should Vote, Games should be Number 1 on the list.

      i believe this was a wrong thread, Should of read it first :D

    Oh mannnn - i have so many for this...

    First, the obvious one.
    A Warhammer 40,000 game focusing on Gaunts Ghosts would be AMAZING. Or as Inquisitor Eisenhorne, or any other inquisitor for that matter.
    Don't get me wrong - the DoW games and Space Marine have been AMAZING, and the new 40k mmo will be bursting at the seams with goodness.
    This is, the 40k universe has some EPIC tales in it that could easily rival some of the greatest works already out there - they just need to be done in a compelling way. A truly great 40k game could be the be-all to end-all of gothic sci-fi fantasy.

    Another one would be Marvel Zombies. I know zombies are over-done, but it could pave the way for some absolutely epic boss battles in a civilization falling apart at the seams.

    Deadpool should have his own game. Once again i know he's (REALLLLY) overdone, but his quips combined with excellent gun/sword play could create a REALLY enjoyable experience, especially if you add in some of his great rivalries/team-ups.

    I also agree that an Indi game would be brilliant. Yeah, there's Uncharted, but Nathan Drake is still no Indiana Jones. Indi has his own personality that can really shine in its own way.

    How about another game with Shaq??

    I'll have more, shortly, no doubt

      Dark Heresy set turned based squad shooter.

      Sort of like Syndicate, Sort of like X-com, a little like Fallout Tactics.

      (Obligatory call for 'Gaunts ghost movie starring Daniel Craig as Gaunt', and 'Eisenhorn movie')

        I was going to suggest this.

        Obviously my tinfoil hat is not thick enough.

    Too easy.

    The Punisher. I honestly don't see how someone hasn't made a great game, or movie, about this guy. I mean, okay, his official game wasn't that bad (I certainly enjoyed it at least) but it was nothing to write home about. Corridor shootin', bad guy snappin', coffin'poppin'outta' action. Like a movie licensed game that didnt completely suck.

    Something like a pseudo-GTA game is how I'd picture it, but upped on the violence.

    And don't get me started on the f**king movies. I'd still argue that the Dolph Lungred version (The first one) was the best, but its no real contest with the 2004 and 2008.

    Is it so much to ask for at least a decent Video game for him?

      Not sure which Punisher game I played (orig. Xbox) but it was pretty fun. If they polished it to Batman standards it would be fairly awesome

        it was just called "The Punisher" and it was indeed awesome.

        Say what you will about the Punisher film starring Tom Jane, but he did the voice-over for that game and man... He's got a perfect voice for that role.

        An 'Arkham City' amount of polish and love on top of that Punisher game? I'd buy at least two copies :-P

    It used to be DragonBall Z, but they've since done the franchise proud with Budokai 3 and the Tenkaichi series.

    Maybe an action-adventure Firefly game?

    The Scarecrow books by Michael Riley would be pretty freakin good.

      You mean Matthew? I've had these recommened to me lately...
      Was all worrried I was getting the wrong ones.

    I would love to see a game set in the He-Man Universe.
    An open world game, travelling all over Eternia tracking down bad guys, defending Castle Greyskull and the royal palace and untimately storming Snake Mountain.
    All done with the old school animations.

    Beat that bitches!

    I reckon a Deadpool game would be great. Guns, katanas, fourth wall brealing, chimichangas?! Would be so good.

    Oh I nearly forgot...MACGYVER THE GAME! Imagine Uncharted meets Metal Gear Solid or perhaps Just Cause. Complete with original cast & theme music, it would rock

      You can level up Richard Dean Anderson's mullet.

        I'm sold!

          Surely a MacGyver game would have to be a point-and-click adventure title...problem is that you'd be able to combine every pick-up with every other pick-up to create anything...hmmm

    I would love to see the Phantom- it could have a similar vibe to Arkham City, just less gadget based.

    I'd also like a Discworld game where you play as Vimes.

      Was going to say Vimes! almost finished reading snuff, last pages to go through at lunch, so awesome

      Was going to say Vimes! almost finished reading s nuff, last pages to go through at lunch, so awesome

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