Thought Assassin's Creed Revelations Couldn't Get Any More Stabby? It Totally Can...

Sometimes I think I just watch Assassin's Creed trailers for the music. Honestly, whoever's job it is at Ubisoft to pick the music and do all the editing, you're currently getting a vigorous round of applause from me. This new Assassin's Creed trailer is mostly about the combat, but it shows off some of the new setting of Constantinople. As you might expect, it looks a bit spiffy. Can't wait for this one.

Thanks VG247.


    I don't get mad, I get stabby! - Marion Anthony "Fat Tony" D'Amico

    My wife and I refer to the franchise as 'stabity' so I got rather excited about this headline :D

    The game looked interesting enough but I haven't played any of the games simply because it looked the same each year (yearly releases gave it away). Does the story require you to play the previous games to enjoy it? or should I wait next year for AC3 with new story and more features/gameplay?

      I'd say the sooner you get in the better cause the story is overall connected between every game. AC3 will be the climax to coincide the in game events with real life.

      Of course you could always wiki yourself up the past 3 major games and then jump into Revelations.

      You really do need to catch up on the story, whether you play the games or read the wiki pages.

      Although if you get the ps3 version, the original version comes free.

    I just watched that whole thing with this expression


    seriously. i hate to just echo what mark said. but the guy behind ubisoft's videos is doing an AMAZING job. more game trailers need to be like this.

    I was promised good music and received crummy generic techno. Thanks. >:|

    disclaimer: I do not generally dislike techno, just crappy repetetive junk like this.

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