While You Were Sleeping

Welcome to While You Were Sleeping - your early morning round up of all the stories that broke 'While You Were Sleeping'.

Portal 2 is still my favourite game of the year so far - and I thoroughly enjoyed the co-op mode, being that it's one of the few games I can convince my wife to play. So I'm chuffed to hear that Portal 2's Peer Review has gone live and is free!

This is crazy. Unreal Engine 3 now works in flash. Wow. And it still doesn't run on the Nintendo Wii.

Here's a pretty comprehensive look at all the RAGE reviews, check out Battlefield 3's flying tank bug, and apparently Battlefield, ATI and RAGE don't mix. Interesting.

In Short Portal 2's Free Peer Review Add-on Goes Live, Portal 2 Gets Cheap RAGE, ATI And Battlefield 3 Beta Don't Mix Unreal Engine 3 Now Works In Flash Battlefield 3's Flying Tank Bug Game Reviewers Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good RAGE


    Squirrels that are spooning. Impressive, Mark. But not as impressive as multiple spooning puppies!


      That is creepy.



    That's you and me, right?

    That photo makes me wish I had a long furry tail - all the better for snuggling.

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