While You Were Sleeping

While you were sleeping, face squished into a dog's fluffy, soft body, drooling all over yourself, stuff happen. Video game stuff. Thankfully we've rounded up some of the highlights from last night while you were deep in slumber, so here it is!

Final Fantasy XIII copped a lot of negative criticism when it was released last year. As someone who has always enjoyed the series, even I found myself frustrated with the linearity of the game. Gorgeous as it may have looked, the first 15 hours were just so... boring. So I'm hoping that Final Fantasy XIII-2 addresses some of the issues that people complained about in Final Fantasy XIII. This new trailer is looking pretty good — let's hope they've made some significant changes to the game's design.

Last night we also got a look at some Brink eye-candy by Georgie "Calader" Simeonov, who had a hand in the art design of the game. We learned that a speed-run of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim takes two hours, 16 minutes and 10 seconds, Grand Theft Auto III is coming to mobile devices, and a Zelda mod is being made for Medieval 2: Total War.

Today's picture comes courtesy of Edmond who sent us this photo of his dogs Astro and Lu. Thanks Edmond!

In short Take 7 minutes to watch this new Final Fantasy XIII-2 trailer Calader's art takes Star Wars to the Brink How long did it take for Bethesda's marathon men to finish Skyrim? Grand Theft Auto III getting mobile versions and pricey action figure Oh man, somebody is making a Zelda Total War game


    Thanks for posting the photo my pups =) i read your blog everyday!
    All the animals for 'while you were sleeping' are always so cute.

    My dog looks identical to the white one in that picture.

      what breed is yours? is it a pom? i have a feeling mine is a pom x german spitz but the person i bought it off said its a pure bred pom, the from astro's nose, he looks like he has more a german sptiz face.

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