The Dangerous Deserts Of Skyward Sword

So far, we've seen Link make his way over the volcanic parts of the landscape in Skyward Sword. This new trailer opens introduces the arid Lanaryu Desert, where the series hero searches for a mining facility. You'll also see glimpses of the new Zelda game's combat in action and a boss battle against a giant scorpion. We're probably going to be seeing much more of Skyward Sword's world before the game comes out on November 20.


    I have a feeling this game is going to be incredible.

    pretty sure blobby octopus' are different from scorpions

    Best zelda game EVAAAAAAAAAAAA

    ( i have played the demo, i know what im talking about )

    I can accept having to wait this long for the game now... It's going to be another great Zelda.

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