The Killer Concept Art Of François Baranger

François Baranger is an artist who works not just on video games, but on some of the biggest Hollywood franchises in recent years, like Harry Potter and GI Joe.

This being a look at gaming art, though, today we'll be taking a gander at his work on games like the upcoming Black Death and the cancelled Darkworks title The Deep.

Baranger is currently working on the next game from Quantic Dream, the developers of Heavy Rain.

Kotaku actually showed you some of his Heavy Rain stuff previously, but he's since launched a new website with a ton of new content, so we're running this now as well!

I'm glad The Deep was cancelled. Giant sharks? Nothankyou.jpg.

Fine Art is a celebration of the work of video game artists.


    Luke you silly silly jerkface... Giant Sharks are awesome and some of those concept images actually seem like they'd make a cool game. Giant Sharks deserve to be in more games. Same goes for refridgerator magnet collections.

    In fact, I hope you realize that all the Giant Shark gamers out there have likely felt marginalized and discriminated against thanks to this article, Luke... and now they don't feel welcome. I hope you are satisfied, sir.

    Giant sharks are like dinosaurs, they make anything more awesome and are nowhere near as oversaturated as zombies... yet.

    It took me a few looks to realise the guy in picture 7 was actually holding a gun...

      I'm still not certain it's the gun thats firing. I mean if Astro Boy can have rockets in his boots then...

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