Remember This? [Update]

Can you remember this game from one portion of a screenshot? I reckon I've made this one a little too easy, but on the off chance that someone doesn't get it, I'll update later this afternoon.

Here's the second part...


    Beneath a Steel Sky?

    Reminds me of Abuse, though I don't think that's what it is.

    X-men Mutant Apocalypse

    Metal Warriors

      This was my first thought. Was an awesome game, I have fond memories playing this with a mate on a hired SNES from Blockbusters.

    The first Power Rangers game on SNES?

    Judge Dredd?

    One of the SNES x-men games. Where you could play as nightcrawyler.


    Black thorne

    Excalibur 2099?

    God, I*have* seen that before. Double Dragon?


    The Punisher on mega drive?

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