Terraria For $2.50? YES PLEASE!

Terraria For $2.50? YES PLEASE!

Can you believe I’m working during the Christmas holidays? No, me neither. But I don’t mind, it’s not like my job is hard or anything. It also helps when I’m the bearer of Christmas joy, like this for example — Terraria, perhaps one of the best indie titles of 2011, is now 75 percent cheaper on Steam. Yep, it’s selling for $2.50. Less than a can of coke from 7-11.

I’m ashamed to say I haven’t even checked out Terraria yet, so I figure this is as good a chance as any. A four pack cost $7.49, so maybe it’s time for a late Christmas gift for my familia. The deal ends in roughly 23 hours.

Thanks Anonymous Pessimist!


  • No achievement, no buy.

    Seems alright tho, 2.50 is a great price for Indie games really, you would buy so many, also I end up playing most of them for about an hour, other than bastion.

        • When achievements in the Steam winter sale give another slim possible chance at maybe just barely winning EVERY GAME ON STEAM, yes, it is all about the achievements.

          • And some useless coupons, like 25% off Batman AC, yay! I can buy it for 75 dollars instead of 100 on steam what a steal!.

            It was mostly a joke, tho they have been swaying my purchases but most of the games have been pretty good tho, like Rock of Ages, Bastion, Frozen Synapse and E.Y.E, so I dont get what nicky6 is going on about.

          • I got a free copy of The Witcher, which I gifted seeing as I already have 3 (steam, GoG and retail). It’s not worth much, but my friend was happy.

      • It is a joke. Everyday on the steam holiday daily deals, some games have specific achievements that win a reward in the great pile. So some people are buying these games just for those achievements.

        The reality is that if you get 7 achievements from buying 7 cheap games you could get a 50% off coupon for a $5 games even though the game is already 50% off.

  • A friend of mine keeps bugging me to try Terraria. Watched him play it at his and didn’t think anything of it. At $2.50, I guess it’s worth buying to try it out and/or shut him up 😉

    • Really.. that’s what you got from this? the price of coke is high in a 7/11.

      I’ve played over 60 hours in this game. Best $2.50 I ever spent! I’d definitely say this game is well worth the money. If you are looking for a “chill out” type game, that you can just sit back and relax with this is the one! Definitely best played with friends, so grab a 4 pack and dish em out.

  • The Steam Gift Pile achievements have actually been pretty good to me – I had a bunch of the compatible games (thanks Humble Bundles), ran through them, had a great time doing so, then I amassed 7 coal, crafted it, bam! Free copy of CS: Source, which I had been intending to buy anyway!

    Although I certainly feel for all you guys that have been stuck with coupons even after crafting 7 hard-earned coal. Bit of a pain… chin up! Guess you could still win one of the bigger prizes…

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