Terraria For $2.50? YES PLEASE!

Can you believe I'm working during the Christmas holidays? No, me neither. But I don't mind, it's not like my job is hard or anything. It also helps when I'm the bearer of Christmas joy, like this for example — Terraria, perhaps one of the best indie titles of 2011, is now 75 percent cheaper on Steam. Yep, it's selling for $2.50. Less than a can of coke from 7-11.

I'm ashamed to say I haven't even checked out Terraria yet, so I figure this is as good a chance as any. A four pack cost $7.49, so maybe it's time for a late Christmas gift for my familia. The deal ends in roughly 23 hours.

Thanks Anonymous Pessimist!


    No achievement, no buy.

    Seems alright tho, 2.50 is a great price for Indie games really, you would buy so many, also I end up playing most of them for about an hour, other than bastion.

      "No achievement, no buy."
      I do not understand.

        He'd rather suffer through a shitty game for a useless achievement, than play an awesome game and have fun doing so?

          When achievements in the Steam winter sale give another slim possible chance at maybe just barely winning EVERY GAME ON STEAM, yes, it is all about the achievements.

            And some useless coupons, like 25% off Batman AC, yay! I can buy it for 75 dollars instead of 100 on steam what a steal!.

            It was mostly a joke, tho they have been swaying my purchases but most of the games have been pretty good tho, like Rock of Ages, Bastion, Frozen Synapse and E.Y.E, so I dont get what nicky6 is going on about.

              I got a free copy of The Witcher, which I gifted seeing as I already have 3 (steam, GoG and retail). It's not worth much, but my friend was happy.

                the best coupon I've gotten so far was 50% off LA Noire. Yay, less than 50 dollars at least.

        It is a joke. Everyday on the steam holiday daily deals, some games have specific achievements that win a reward in the great pile. So some people are buying these games just for those achievements.

        The reality is that if you get 7 achievements from buying 7 cheap games you could get a 50% off coupon for a $5 games even though the game is already 50% off.

      achievements really you actually pay attention to those annoying things that spring up? nobody thinks you're awesome if you have 100% nobody actually cares. but hey if you find it fun go ahead. btw terraria is mad though really confusing at first.

    Mark you're not the only one working through the holidays :(

    Luckily as well, I'm not working very hard :)

      ME TOO! :D

        All I've done this morning is post on Twitter and clean up a few pesky emails. I will probably work a lot harder later.


    I need some kotaku... Ites in oz to play with! My steam id is mumbo_jumbo_au

      We've got a Steam group you can join :) http://steamcommunity.com/groups/kotakuau

        That reminds me, I've been meaning to join. Done!

    Thinking back on it, Terraria'd have to be one of my favourite games in 2011, certainly my most played. Fantastic game.

    Cheap games on the internet?! What an age we live in :D

    A friend of mine keeps bugging me to try Terraria. Watched him play it at his and didn't think anything of it. At $2.50, I guess it's worth buying to try it out and/or shut him up ;)

    WTF? How much is a can of coke from 7/11??

      Really.. that's what you got from this? the price of coke is high in a 7/11.

      I've played over 60 hours in this game. Best $2.50 I ever spent! I'd definitely say this game is well worth the money. If you are looking for a "chill out" type game, that you can just sit back and relax with this is the one! Definitely best played with friends, so grab a 4 pack and dish em out.

    The Steam Gift Pile achievements have actually been pretty good to me - I had a bunch of the compatible games (thanks Humble Bundles), ran through them, had a great time doing so, then I amassed 7 coal, crafted it, bam! Free copy of CS: Source, which I had been intending to buy anyway!

    Although I certainly feel for all you guys that have been stuck with coupons even after crafting 7 hard-earned coal. Bit of a pain... chin up! Guess you could still win one of the bigger prizes...

    This is my fav game of this year by far!

    Buy it, Buy it, BUY IT!

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