The PS Vita Compared To A PSP, A DS Lite, A Micro, A Game Gear....


    I used to comfortably play the Game Gear, so I guess the Vita will be fine to use.

    Also, this picture is missing an Atari Lynx.

      haha, first thing i said to myself as soon as i saw the pic.. wheres the lynx!?

    As excited as I am about the Vita - my 3G/WiFi version is all paid up and preordered, is anyone else getting tired of Bashcraft's Vita articles? PS Vita is as big as this. PS Vita is as big as that. PS Vita makes this noise when you press this button. PS Vita's screen does this. I have a PS Vita and you don't. *cough*

      It makes a nice change from a million articles on Skyrim, I guess?

      That said, it is a gaming site.

      Skyrim was a much hyped and pretty "big" game, all things considered.

      The PSV is a pretty big deal as well.

        Agreed the Skyrim thing was a little overdone. The PSV is a pretty big deal, (bigger than Skyrim, I think) but less personal Bashcraft blog of 'Me and my Vita' and more relevant articles, reviews, specs etc would be nice.

    I wish I could post a picture and a sentence so I can call myself a journalist too :)

    Oh crap... Gameboy Micro? I forgot I still have one of those... in it's original packaging... used literally no more than two or three times. LOL..

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