It’s Possible To Create A First-Person Shooter In Trials Evolution

It’s Possible To Create A First-Person Shooter In Trials Evolution
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Trials Evolution has a new track editor. It’s pretty in-depth. How in-depth? Well you could, if you wanted to, literally use it to create a first person shooter.

One of the developers outlined the steps…

We have controller trigger, and that allows you to feed all controller input to the trigger/event system.

You can do a simple twin stick first person shooter like this:
1. Create a human sized sphere, and make it invisible (but keep physics active).
2. Create a camera object
3. Create a controller event, and link it to several events. Right thumbstick events modify looking variables that represent looking angle, and left thumbstick events activate force (aligned to looking angle) to the hidden ball (move forward, backwards and strafe left/right). Button Y event activates a upwards force (jump)… etc.
4. Create a trigger that fires every frame, and link it to an event that sets the camera position on upper part of the hidden sphere (human head position) and sets the camera rotation according to the looking angle variables.
5. Now we have dual stick fps rotation, movement and jumping figured out, and you can move around the world (the invisible ball handles the collisions, so you cannot move though walls, etc silly things). If you want to add shooting, you can use object spawning event, and give the spawned objects angle and starting force according to looking direction.

If you want to do a vehicle shooter you can just link the controller events to the vehicle motors and use rotational forces on front wheels. It’s easy to make a camera follow an object, so third person games are very easy to make (first person is harder, as you can see from the steps above). Adding shooting elements to the existing bike is even easier, as you can just use the controller event to reach to shoot button (for example Y) pressing, and spawn needed “bullet” objects from a “gun” glued to the bike.

I’ve no idea why anyone would want to use the Trials Evolution create mode to build a first-person shooter, but it’s testament to the flexibility of the tools that it is possible!

Via the RedLynx forums!


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