Watch A 3DS Make A Kid Puke And Other WTF Craziness In This Nintendo News Video

Nintendo announced a bunch of actual news over the last few days — the release window for the Wii U, the Nintendo Network, a new Mario side-scroller for the 3DS — but Next Media Animation doesn't care about any of that.

Instead, the Taiwanese news animators give us Nintendo president Satoru Iwata popping out of a warp pipe and getting roughed up by Sony and Nintendo avatars and Mario getting crushed by an ancient, oversized Game Boy while an Angry Birds-playing youth sits idly by. When tackling video game topics, NMA seems to do their best work with Nintendo. This one ranks up there with their Tanooki Mario video in its high level of CGI madness.

Nintendo bets on Wii U to reverse profit slide [YouTube]


    I don't know what my favourite bit was.... probably Mario kicking those kids Gamecube. Hilarious!

    ...what did I just watch?

      The shit they use to brainwash the Chinese these days.

        They use heaps of these terribly animated "re-enactments" for all aspects of the news... it's so appalling.

          It's at about this point i think i should tell you...
          NMA News is satire, obviously.

      I think my brain melted.

    I have

    No idea

    What I just watched.

    But I loved it.

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