While You Were Sleeping

Dat sleep. You were having it. Stuff happened. The world continued to spin. That's where we come in, with this handy little round up of what went down while you were catching those much needed Zs.

A couple of days back we posted this look at every studio that has closed since 2006. A pretty scary list we're sure you'll agree. Well, you might as well add another, since Ubisoft Vancouver has also just bit the dust. The studio wasn't responsible for making games per se, its responsibility was simply creating assets. Probably made it more expendable in the end. Shame.

I liked what I saw of Max Payne last time I checked it out. It seemed fluid, smart and really tactile. Apparently Rockstar is looking for Max Payne to have the sharpness of an FPS. I always felt as if the the game's predecessors did have that sharpness, so I'd kind of expect it in a sequel.

Metal Gear Rising is playable at E3, these are some Soul Calibur V screenshots, and is this a viral teaser for Resident Evil 6? I hope so. I've always preferred the even numbered Resident Evils!

In Short Ubisoft Closes DOwn Vancouver Studio Rockstar Wants Max Payne 3 To Have The Sharpness Of A FPS Is This A Viral Teaser For Resident Evil 6 Report: Metal Gear Rising Playable At E3 Come For Soulcalibur V's Story, Stay For The Screenshots


    Happy as a pig in .... sawdust.

    Is this where we're talking about the Kingdoms of Amalur demo?

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