While You Were Sleeping

Dat sleep. You were having it. Stuff happened. The world continued to spin. That's where we come in, with this handy little round up of what went down while you were catching those much needed Zs.

The whole Mega Upload thing — that happened. Unbelievable. In retaliation you may have noticed that Anonymous has gone on an rampage, taking down sites like a mid 90s superhacker collective. It's War Games folks! Remember War Games? [Awkward silence]


Also — apparently the Mega Upload top banana is quite the Modern Warfare 3 player.

This is interesting: apparently the original PSP is outselling the PS Vita in Japan, which isn't exactly what you'd hope would happen. Did a new Monster Hunter come out for the PSP or something? I can never keep up with these things.

Let's discuss the perfect video game for a first date, right here! And this is the voice of Mass Effect 3's newest character.

In Short Anonymous Deletes CBS, Universal Sites, Is Xbox LIVE Next? Jailed Megaupload King Is Still The World No 1 In Modern Warfare 3 The Voice Of Mass Effect 3's Newest Character PS Vita Now Selling Less Than PSP In Japan The Perfect Video Game For A First Date


    That photo looks like a bloodbath in the thumbnail. Glad it ended up being cuter than that.

      lol i thought the same, "Oh GOD Road-kil- nah nah it's okay, just a cute little kitten that faceplanted it's food.... DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW"

      Thought the same. Very glad to see otherwise :p

    It's OK Mark, I remember War Games.

    If only for that memorable line, "The only winning move is not to play".

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