What Are You Playing This Weekend?

A copy of Final Fantasy XIII-2 arrived at the office this week. It's sitting on my desk, still in its shrink wrap. Do I give it a go, even after the disappointment that was Final Fantasy XIII? Or do I spend my weekend rolling around doing nothing? I am yet to decide. How about you? What are you playing this weekend?


    Don't play it! The game ends on a HUGE cliffhanger! It's pretty much missing the final chapter of the game, I feel really ripped off by it. I kept thinking the ending was some giant fakeout before the real final boss, but nope, that's the ending.

    If you're gonna play it, wait for the DLC or sequel or whatever the hell they're planning, because the game isn't finished.

      A sequel to FFXIII-2? FFXIII-2-2?

        lol. But yeah, they can't even make a spin-off self contained. They're either planning a sequel or an expensive DLC pack to finish the game. That's why they pushed DLC so heavily in marketing for the game, because they needed people to realize that they're going to have to spend even more money to finish the game properly.

        The ending basically renders the entire game pointless and also has a bunch of plot holes. It's awful, and ruined the entire game for me.

          I'd heard that it was implied you should replay sections of the game to get the 'best' ending...

            It's just 20 seconds of a dude talking after the credits. It actually has even less closure than the normal ending.

              It gives you closure 8 times over, with the secret ending/paradox endings etc.

          Yeah, they've pretty much said they are not making a XIII-3, just releasing bulk DLC.
          They also said it might not even be coming at as game content as well, it might be coming out as even novels D:
          It pissed me off so much, and doing all the paradox endings gives me no closure, and the secret ending just makes it worse!

      If they want to make people buy DLC for a proper ending then they can get stuffed in my opinion. First Final Fantasy I won't be playing straight off the bat...would even go as far as to say I may not ever play it at all.

    Roll around doing nothing! That will basically be my weekend, except I'll also be seeing my toddler cousin. And then ignoring him to go into my room and not play games. SOCIAL!

    I receieved FFXIII-2 and Kingdoms of Amalur (both PS3) and Resident Evil Revelations this week. I'm also in the midst of FFXIV too. Pretty sure my weekend is set.

    Put in a couple of hours on FFXIII-2 and KoA so far, happy with both. Still a little confused as to why 75% of reviews I read about KoA seem to bring up Skyrim as some sort of benchmark/comparison. They're nothing alike. I think people need to pull the arrows from their knees and get over Skyrim. KoA is a lot of fun thus far.

    Oh, and Resident Evil Revelations is AWESOME! My doubts about the circle pad have been dashed. The extra pad works well, and makes the 3DS easier on my oversized hands. No more hand cramping! Yay! Not to mention the game looks amazing for a 3DS title, and plays really well to boot.

      I think the Skyrim comparisons may come from the fact one of the main guys behind Kingdoms of Amalur was a main Bethesda person before this?
      I'm more weirded out by the comparisons to Fable. Granted, I've only played the demo, but I played it at a time when the only game I was playing besides Dark Souls was Fable III and KoA seemed nothing like it to me.

      And yay for RE: Revelations being awesome! I've said all along that this was the game I was waiting for before buying a 3DS. Guess I'm saving for a 3DS now.

        Totally get a 3DS. (and RE:R +circle pad) MGS3D is coming too! Interestingly, after putting a few hours into KoA, I can understand the Fable comparison a lot more than Skyrim. That being said, it doesn't feel like Fable, more like what Fable SHOULD have been - if that makes any sense.

        I'll feel it out more this weekend, I'm sure. Also need to squeeze study time and the Japanese Festival at Docklands on Saturday!

          Oh yeah, totally forgot about the summer festival at melb docklands, if you get a street pass from Neku at the SF, then you know you passed me XD

          But yeah RE:R is a really good game, had my doubts about it but after really getting into it, im quite impressed. but the majority of my time will be well spent on FFXIII-2, much better then the original

    Started Darksiders as planned last weekend. Going to put some more time into that, methinks.

    Still not sure about the mix of God of War and Zelda, but that could be because up till now it's very much the former and very little of the latter.

      You'll get the Zelda vibe a bit more later on, but theres less of the time wasty overworld stuff.

    FF for me if I get some tiime. but then there is ToR and Skyrim for the pc too

    Infamous 2. I'm only discovering its awesomeness, luving it so far. I'd even say its one of the best I've played this gen. I mean which other game lets you hurl a car at a civillian for looking at you the wrong way?
    I cant think of any faults with this game actually, its brilliant.

      Yes it does indeed rock, and then when you're done with main game pick up the DLC campaign... vampires + infamous 2 = double super awesome movement systems.

        Yeah I think im gonna have to! Thanks:)

    The Old Republic. I have XIII-2 and I have to say I'm not really enjoying it that much. It's like they went crazy with choice...so much choice. I hate that. Still I will finish it, one day...

    Playing the "help move the rest of my fiancée's stuff from her old place to our new place so it can be rented" game. Also, more WoW and Skyrim (also kicking myself for having 32-bit Win7, so cant play with the high-res texture packs)

    I'm going to be doing some much needed catching up in Skyrim, BF3 and swtor. 2011 had so many good games, I feel overwhelmed.

    After months of putting it off i finally built a decent desktop computer, which means i can actually get around to playing Deus Ex: HR and BF3.

    I just got MGS HD Collection today for PS3. Its trophy whore time!!!

    Company of Heroes.

    Bought it last night and played some games vs AI with some other TAYbies. Had no idea what I was doing even after those two games were over. Going to go through the campaign to work out how to play.

      good to see some love for this game I love it but never got into the competitive side the story but was a refreshing way to go back to the world war 2 setting

      Practising in anticipation for a new CoH? That is if THQ is actually making it and IF they can survive for that long ^^

      Some SC2 and Borderlands Co-OP (which is great fun btw)

    Well between work, homework and the southern 80. I might play a little XIII-2.

    FXIII-2 is fine ; stop whinging about it. Online games charge a monthly fee and also a fee for expansions and such , if you are happy with that ending of the game you can leave it there.

    People that complain about DLC and online codes should direct their ire at people and places that support used game sales (as practically their whole business)

    Can't wait until everything is digital : )

    Man, I haven't really played any games since I finished KOTOR a week ago (or was it two weeks ago?). I'll probably play a bit of Bastion though.

    I've started getting a little bored with my seemingly endless list of sidequests in Skyrim (I should really stop talking to people because they all want things done and apparently I'm the only one who can do it), so I might knuckle down and rip through the main quest finally.

    Eh, I'm two achievements (probably 1-2 hours of gameplay) from completing Skyrim (full completion apart from the randomly generated quests like thefts/assassinations).

    After that... well I can't afford Darkness 2 until I get paid next week, so I'll either start a second Skyrim playthough for kicks (I didn't use a any two handed weapon s or shields, so I want to see how that goes) or I'll try and knock over something on my pile of shame.

    Jagged Alliance: Back in Action. Dloaded last night off steam and already played through the tutorial and first mission. Quirky and nostalgic in a good way so far. May do a reader review...

    Resident Evil Revelations...I was sceptical about the Circle Pad Pro...but what a life saver its turned out to be. Still think the design itself is ugly...but it does make holding the 3DS much more comfortable...and I can't really image playing RE Revelations without it.

    Soul Calibur V is the other gme I'm frequeting

    I've put a 'bookmark' in my backlog was (working my way through the 'A's this week - finished Alice: Madness Returns at last, halfway(?) through Alpha Protocol) while I finish off Darkness 2 and start Kingdoms of Amalur.

      Im up to chapter 4 in Alice, finding it a bit of a slog. How did you find it?

        Overall, it was alright. Brilliant art style, brilliant story (and well told), but I'm not really one for "platforming", and the repetitive nature of such games. Last time I played it, I got to Chapter 5 before I got somewhat sick of it. Wanted to finish it cos of the story, and made myself stick with it last week - glad I did.

    I just got my Crystal Edition of FFXIII-2 in the mail, so it looks like I shall be playing that.

    FF for me.

    FFV, that is. Old school, baby.

    I'd like to play some Battlefied 3 but there haven't been any Australian PS3 servers for over a week now (well there have been a couple, but they've all had 1 bar pings), nor has there been any explanation of what the hell is going on.

    Might finish off AC Revelations methinks

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