While You Were Sleeping

How good is sleeping? I know right? I'm always a little disappointed when I wake up. I need moar sleep! But as you sleep, the world continues to spin and stuff happens. Important stuff. This is why this post exists — to let you know what happened while you were sleeping.

Kaz Hirai is the new Sony boss, like... a boss we guess. The change doesn't officially occur until June, when Howard Stringer leaves in that month.

THQ has struggled recently, we know that. Australia has been hit as hard as any region, with two studios closed and staff in THQ's Melbourne office being laid off. Apparently it's going to get worse.

This is how the Skyrim creation kit will allow you to conjure mod magic, these people are going to miss Blizzcon in a very big way, and will you please forgive the Dark Souls developers? (Please?)

In Short Report: THQ Really In Trouble Going To Miss Blizzcon in 2012? Not As Much As This World Of Warcraft Guild Will Here's How Skyrim's Creation Kit Let's You Make Mod Magic Will You Forgive Dark Souls' Developer Please PlayStation Man Kaz Hirai Will Officially Be Sony's Next Boss


    I hate the notion of sleeping, such a damn waste of time, and can't wait until I can just drop a pill that gives me the same result as having had 8hr of uninterrupted sleep.

    I read that the Twisted Metal demo apparently isn't being released in Australia? Do you guys at Kotaku know why? Seems we're missng out on all the big demos this week, alas. Why have they forsaken us? :P

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