While You Were Sleeping

I'm fairly certain that every puppy and kitten owner has tried to re-create the "Circle Of life" scene from The Lion King. This is my dog Humphrey playing the role of baby Simba. And here is a round-up of last night's news.

Should DLC be released at the same time as the game it's attached to? A whole bunch of Mass Effect fans don't seem to think so. The announcement of Mass Effect 3 DLC has outraged some fans who believe it is "disgusting business practice".

Video game consoles are banned in China... but the PS Vita may be able to sneak through and be sold as a portable entertainment system.

In other news, researcher have found a way to use Guitar Hero as a tool to rehabilitate amputees, here's a video game that teaches you to make video games, and Jet Set Radio makes a return.

In short Mass Effect 3 DLC triggers fan outrage: Bioware responds The PS Vita might break the console ban again Air Guitar Hero works: lets amputees rock out Learn how to make video games with this video game Sure looks like Jet Set Radio's headed to Xbox LIVE and PSN


    While *you* were sleeping *I* was playing ZiGGURAT.

    Curse you and your viral marketing!

      While *you* were sleeping, *I* managed to get halfway through Tim Rogers' ZiGGURAT article before I called it a night and set up camp.

      The joke is that the article is long.

    I tried to recreate that scene with my daughter at the top of a playground, but my wife was a rubbish photographer on that day :(

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