While You Were Sleeping

Good morning, friends! It is time to wake the blast up, shower vigorously, hug a puppy, and read about video games!

The retailer GAME has been facing financial difficulties in Europe. Among their problems, they no longer have an agreement with EA, meaning they will not be stocking Mass Effect 3 or any of EA's March releases.

Blizzard has axed 600 jobs, but they're not from the development department.

In other news, concept art for a new Sim City has emerged, these are possibly Doom 4 screenshots, and this is Morsel Kombat.

In short Mass Effect 3 ditched by European retail chain Blizzard axes 600 employees, World of Warcraft dev team not affected Leaked pics show sprawling gorgeous Sim City 5 Are these Doom 4 screenshots? Morsel Kombat: one man's quest to finish his meal


    Shower vigorously?
    Please note: the Australian Christian Lobby will be hearing about this indiscretion. Rest assured, I don't blame you, you're an innocent victim here; video games have warped your mind with their electronic tendrils of evil.
    I know one cool dude who doesn't "shower vigorously" in the morning, just a certain someone who I like to call, Jesus, and I think he can help.
    Await correspondence from my attorney.

    Your old friend,

    Kippy B.


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