While You Were Sleeping

LE WEEK-END! It sure did happen. And while it happened, video games also happened. Here is our wrap-up of what happened while you were sleeping.

Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert: two names that make our adventure game hearts sing. Over the weekend Mr. Schafer sat down and interviewed Mr. Gilbert. The 35 minute video sees them talk about their shared history as they cover games from Monkey Island through to Psychonauts. It is definitely worth a squiz!

How long does your PS Vita's battery life really last? There is a way to find out! All you have to do is do what Logan says.

New Pokemon games are coming to the DS, Kirk Hamilton talks about what a big disaster the first Mass Effect's UI was, and here are some rookie mistakes most video games make.

In short See your PS Vita's precise battery level via PC The first Mass Effect's UI sure was terrible Watch Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert talk about adventure games for 35 minutes Pokemon Black 2 Pokemon White 2 arrive in June The rookie mistake most video games make


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