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You folks have any burning questions? About anything? This is Ask Me Stuff, which does exactly what it says on the tin. Leave me a question in the comments below and I’ll endeavour to answer it before the day is out.


    Should you try making up with friends you haven't seen for over a year?

      Man, that's a tricky one. I'm terrible, I tend to let friends fall by the wayside if it's difficult to keep in touch with them, and I always end up regretting it in the long term.

      I tried this recently. The attempt was ignored, but I'm still glad I made it. Maybe that will help you...?

      can i rephrase this question to "How do you make friends?"

    Have you managed to find more interesting ways to injure yourself since the weekend?

      Believe it or not I went Night Rock Climbing outdoors last night and I fell and hit my arse on a jaggy rock.

        Strangely, I find that quite easy to believe.

        What's this? Someone else who hurts himself on frequent occasions? *fistbump*
        Also, don't go jumping over railings...

    Have you pledged money towards Wasteland 2 yet? If not, WHY NOT?!

      I haven't! I'm blaming journalistic integrity to cover for the fact I'm a cheap bastard.

    Why does clicking on 'Ask Me Stuff' always erase from my mind the list of questions I had ready to go yesterday?

      Same reason I forget all the cool questions I have for Tell Us Dammit!

    Just started Mass Effect 2 for the first time. As a Playstation guy I kind of skipped over the series, until now. Who do you guys prefer on your team, ME2 wise? I mostly choose Garrus & Miranda.

      Depends on the class you chose for Shepard, as well as the abilities you have upgraded for everyone. Not only that, but also what dialogue you want to hear on certain missions (youtube Garrus on Mordins loyalty mission).

      Personally, I constantly switch out all characters to give them a fair go and to not let them feel useless or left behind.

        I usually make some good guesses when it comes to choosing a certain character for mission-specific dialogue: Zaeed vs The Blue Suns, Garrus & the plague, Mordin & the research stations... ec cetera.

        But for those missions when I don't feel there's a relationship to any characters, Garrus & Miranda are my choices. As DLC I imagine Zaeed doesn't react to much else than Blue Suns mercs, so he'll be picked the least often.

      Miranda is very powerful... and Kasumis flashbangs are crazy op.

    Has Kotaku tried to get a bunch of Diablo 3 beta keys to raffle/competition off for their readers? By region as well. Sick of AU comps being flooded by US and Europe people.
    I mean if IGN can get 500 keys surely Kotaku could get some as well ;)

      The thought never occurred to me. It would make sense though.

        Well considering they are damn near impossible to get, even more so for AU/NZ players, I know the community would greatly appreciate it. Me especially :)
        Work your magic Mark.

        OMG Yes, if you loved us you would do it XD.

    I've played and beaten MGS, MGS2 and MGS4 and I've played a decent amount of MGS3 (but never finished it).

    Got the HD collection and Twin Snakes a while ago but I was wondering what order I should play them in? I was thinking either the order of games (TS, 2, 3, 4, PW), order of story (3, PW, TS, 2, 4) or just play the ones that I haven't played/finished before (3, PW, TS).


      My preferred order is order of release. Not only does each story build upon the 'previous' one, even with shifting timelines, but also the game mechanics develop with each new game and I suspect going backwards in that regard would be quite painful.

        I guess I never thought about the gameplay mechanics. I was thinking from more of a story standpoint since MGS3 and PW are set before 1. Only thing about order of release is that as much as I liked and enjoyed them, the time I spend replaying 2 and 4 is time I can use to get through my other pineapple games :(.

      Man, tricky one. I'd say in order of release. Or just play MGS3 five times! :)

    Have you ever felt so rebellious that you actually turned off your console during a loading screen?

      DON'T DO THIS.
      I lost power during a DA:O screen, and lost a 40 hour save game :P

      Only when I want to have a 5 minute chat with Mr. Resetti


    Is there any sign of the Australian games industry looking up? IIRC things were looking a bit iffy lately

      I think all signs point to positivity for sure. Loads of great growth in the indie side of things. The community is really pulling together and it's a beautiful thing.

      Keep your eyes to the Indie skies.
      Indie games will be the Aussie Industry's salvation.

    Do you regret making the Mass effect 3 Avenger replica competition so easy to enter?

      Yes. Yes I do.

        Problem solved. I can has prize now?

        I almost feel bad for entering that 800 word story.

    Why do you think the new pokemon games (black & white 2) aren't on 3ds? I'm glad they're on the DS as well, but now the 3DS has been out a while it just seems a bit silly.

      extend my question to all games being released for the DS - not just pokemon

    Where do old arcades games go to die?

    Mark what, according to you, is the most appropriate level of community interaction on a website?

    Sometimes I read personal blogs and there are two replies asking questions or giving their opinion on the topic and the original author doesn't reply. Should the writer respond? What is the point of someone posting a comment if the original writer doesn't respond in any way?

    Some posts receive thousands of comments and it would be unreasonable to expect a reply to all the comments but maybe a follow up piece is warranted?

    Are crowd sourced features the answer? Should facebook and twitter pages be different and not just other avenues to re-post content from the site?

    I have been thinking about this lately and I was just curious what your thoughts are.

    Also Kotaku readers what are your opinions? What type of interaction do you expect from a website?

    I like the community Kudos feature on Kotaku and I always enjoy the Ask me stuff posts.

      As a blog writer with all of 0 regular readers(more due to a lack of updating, as opposed to anything else), I think it's important for me to respond to the rare comments that appear, even if they're all from people I know. Obviously, it's sometimes hard to respond to something(what do you say to "I agree with this post") but yeah, when possible, respond.

      For actual websites, with viewers, and stuff, I can understand that it's a little infeasible to respond to everything. So I think what KotakAU has done is pretty good, with posts designed for reader involvement, instead of the writers having to worry about critical questions popping up on the third page of comments for an article about sexism in games.

      Dunno if that actually answers your question...

        Thanks. Great to hear that you try to reply to your comments. What are your thoughts on community interaction through Facebbok, twitter and Hangouts on Google plus?

          They're not something I use, and I've never really seen a writer use them(that's not to say that they don't), but I know a lot of "personalities" for lack of a better word, who post stuff there(in this case I'm thinking of Day[9] and Husky, both of whom are Starcraft 2 casters), and I think it's a great way for them to get in contact with their more regular fans, as opposed to in youtube comments(which are just a cesspool).

          Actually, scrap what I said above about writers, David Wildgoose, ex-editor of KotakAU uses twitter to crowdsource answers to questions(they're usually silly, but not always), and I think it's a great way to get a variety of opinions.

    2 questions:

    1. are you keeping up with The Walking Dead and are you as excited as the rest of us for the finale next week?

    2. You played the Diablo 3 beta yet/excited about Diablo 3 in general?

      This is a good chance to get something off my chest. I hate that show. It is the most disappointing thing to grace TV that I can remember. I thought a zombie show would be so cool, and then one comes along and its all talking. I could live with that if the characters were even remotely believable, but its them behaving in one implausible way after another. Some people give the "its the stress excuse," but I work with practitioners in a range of high-pressure domains, and none of them behave the way these morons do. I gave up two episodes in to the second season.

        As a reader of the comics and a lover of the show, going in thinking it's a zombie show is the wrong way. It's survival drama, zombies are just the type of apocalypse. The show and the comic have always been about the characters.

          Sorry, I didn't want to do this, but I have to.
          What you said Thom is not going in the wrong way. There is no wrong way to go into a television show, or a video game, or a book. I think that's pretty ridiculous. Secondly, the show is one of the most disappointing shows in recent memory.
          It's not that having a zombie show focused on drama is bad, its that having a zombie show focused on drama, where the drama is bad, is bad. You geddit?
          It is one of the most poorly directed, poorly written shows I can remember. This is based on pretty much every episode subsequent to episode 3 or 4 in season 1.
          The show, if it is about the characters, does a damn fine job of stuffing that right up. Lorrie is annoying as all hell, Rick's accent is hilarious and the way he tilts his head is ridiculous, the dialogue between Carl and Rick is horrendous and not at all emotional, there are peripheral characters that are one-dimensional (suicide girl, t-dog, the asian guy). Everything is about moping around, sad as hell.
          All the show is about is searching for someone, this whole season was about searching for sophia, then it was about searching for so and so in the woods and searching for hershel in the bar. It moves at a glacial pace. Horrible.
          Thom, you are not looking at it the wrong way, you are looking at it with a logic that sometimes get lost in the madness that is zombies 2012.

            To each their own then. There are still PLENTY of other people that enjoy it for the drama.

            but I still think there is a right way and a wrong way to go into a television show, or a video game, or a book... For example, you can't go into a Friday the 13th movie expecting it to be laugh a minute comedy about the hilarious bad luck people have on Friday the 13th, it just doesn't work.

              I think that my initial statement is a little unguided. There are, of course, wrong ways to approach media. Especially in the way you defined: going to watch a horror film for its comedy. Yet, in a show that revolves around zombies as a plot device, it isnt wrong to expect to see a show that heavily involves them. The Walking Dead is a zombie show and it is a drama. Old mate Thom didn't approach it the wrong way, it just isn't what he wanted. Can you hate on a show for that? Not really. But you can be disappointed, which is what he was in the way the characters are in the situation - which I must admit, in my opinion, is spot on.

              If I ignore all the huge plot holes, the poor dialogue and character interactions, then the scenes that are awesome are the ones with the zombies. This is also largely how the show is marketed. If they marketed friday the 13th as a horror and you went and watched it and it was hilarious, then you would be disappointed too, I would say. It is all personal experience I guess.

                "Yet, in a show that revolves around zombies as a plot device, it isnt wrong to expect to see a show that heavily involves them"

                To me this is exactly what the show is challenging. If you read interviews with Robert Kirkman, the creator of the books, his intention was to turn the stereotypical zombie book/show on it's head. How do people really act? What are their reactions, their motivations? We too often see in movies the focus is on blood and guts but the characters make either no progression or jump to quickly from one extreme personality type to another without the proper exposure. The Walking Dead's goal would be to bring a usually cheesy and action-centred theme to more of an intelligent and character driven artform.

                That's not to say I don't disagree with your disappointment. Lori really needs to die, T-Dogg should either get more time on-screen or be killed off, Carl seems either underused or just uninteresting, and the whole sections of seasons wasted on minor plotlines is frustrating. And Dale, WTF, seriously one of the characters from the books that grew into a favourite and he's barely in the series except as a moral buffer to Shane, who was ironically the only character to really get good storylines and material and he's supposed to be DEAD.

                The last few episodes have been a lot better at displaying all characters with a bit of depth, and managing to keep pace, hopefully now they HAVE to get off the farm, and I can't wait to see Michonne.

      The last episode shown was awesome, my wife and I are itching to see the finale. I have been following the comics for years and I am glad they have moved away from the books with the storyline so there are some surprises.

        Dude the season finale was last night. S 2 starts next week

          Dude, a lot of people watch/stream the american version. Season 2 ENDS next week.

            Ah. they are watching it illegally. I see. who would have thought

              I find it more illegal to screen the first series as a big premier here when it is so old and you have to pay for the privilege to see it.

    What game sequel/remake are you secretly (or not so secretly) wishing would be developed?

    (I honestly can't remember if I have asked a similar question in the past, so disregard this question if it looks familiar)

    Do you and/or any of the other Kotaku staffers get really... "annoyed" (there's a polite word for it) with some of the comments people put on articles bagging out the author of said article? Do you ever feel like going to their place of work and heckling them, Seinfeld-style? Or is the customer always right, even when it's a non-paying customer?

      Hi my name is 'name' and I'm going to post "i hate you luke" on every Luke article!

      What an idiot :P...

        It is even worse when they actually like the article and instead of saying so they just insult him still.

      I reckon it's incredibly disrespectful... It's fun to have a polite gibe at someone for posting an article with more words in the headline than the body, but some of the comments are just really uncalled for.

      The one reason I will stop reading Kotaku one day is because the quality of the comments will go so far down into the gutter that it will practically become like

        That's my concern, too. Overall the Kotaku AU community has been by far one of the better ones around in the gaming world. But in recent times the tone has seemed to start changing a bit, and these posts are one of the most prominent symptoms of that.

        Constructive criticism is one thing, but a lot of these posts certainly aren't that.

      Yeah Luke's posts bother me sometimes, but I feel like people just jump on the hate bandwagon and abuse him for every post he makes.
      With stuff like that on there I am not surprised if he does not read any of the comments.

        YES this is bothering me too.

        NOT ALL OF LUKE'S ARTICLES ARE BAD. He often does decent thought out ones that don't deserve hate.
        I wish people would at least spice it up a little. What's that, you hate the article? But WHY do you hate the article? What's wrong with it in particular? Uncited sources? Intentionally inflammitory opinions? Important questions not asked?
        "I hate you Luke" isn't good enough!

          Funny that people hate on Luke for not elaborating enough in his articles by leaving comments with no elaboration as to why they are dissatisfied with his writing.

          The problem is the majority of them are bad.

          Not 'your opinion is stupid and you should stop using words" bad, but bad in a way that I sometimes wonder if he's not some sort of robot that regurgitates tibbits on information from other sites.

          I chime in on some of his articles every now and then (No, I dont know why) but I'd like to think I give a reason for my disdain. Its because his articles just aren't up to the same standard as Serrels, Lien and the rest. I don't learn anything. I don't get another insight onto something. I get maybe a paragraph of pointless speculation at best and at worst a vaguely inflamatory headline that is probably designed to grab hits more then anything.

          Its not so much a bandwagon as a camp. The bandwagon is going somewhere (or claims it is), the camp just sits around and mutters to one another about how much they dislike something.

            So you think the most constructive way to diarrhoea out a basic abortion of a thought process such as yours is to just repeatedly comment on a journalists' articles that you don't like his work?

            If you don't like his work, don't read it. If you really hate it, you can always contact someone higher up and make a complaint, but slamming someone who is doing their job on a public forum is poor form, and the fact that you take advantage of the anonymity of the internet makes it cowardly as well.

            Do you want me coming into the McDonalds you work at and slapping the mop out of your hand telling you you're 'doing it wrong' every time? Who the hell are you to make comments passing judgement. This probably seems really aggressive but I don't like bad manners, and what you do is the worst kind. I would and have posted comments on articles I disagree with, but at least I have respect enough for someone doing their job to discuss the article and not someone's qualifications for writing it in a public forum.

              I'd say what "name" does is the worst kind, actually.

      Oh, for the benefit of those who never watched Seinfeld and didn't get what I was referring to above, there was an episode where Jerry was getting heckled by some annoying woman in the audience during while he was doing his stand-up comedy act. So Jerry found out where she worked and went along to her office and heckled her while she was trying to do her job. Wish-fulfilment fantasy at its finest.

    Who you trying to score with: Ashley, Kaiden, Liara, Miranda, Jacob, Jack, Cortez, Legion, etc...?

    Miranda for me. Gave Liara the berries for not sticking by my side in ME2 hahaha.

    Why haven't you added me as a 3DS friend yet, I have asked twice. I shall not ask a third.

      Good luck with that, I've been waiting about a year for him to add me as a PSN friend. He used to say it was because he hadn't been online with his PS3 for ages because he didn't want to do the firmware update.

      But now I KNOW he's been online because he's played Journey, and still my friend requests sits there unanswered. I've come to the conclusion that he just doesn't like me. *wipes tear*

    Someone's probably asked this before, but I'm curious. Was game journalism always a thing you wanted to do? Or did you kinda fall into it?

    Question from last week (although after getting a Vita I think I know the answer already).

    With the Vita I heard that there weren't supposed to be "regions" for PSN network games, so in theory we could get Japanese games, US could get EU games, etc.
    If true, does that mean things like PSOne classics in Japan would be available here? I'd love to get IQ Final on my Vita (hoping with all appendages crossed)

      PS Vita can only have one PSN account attached to it at any given time. But yes, you can buy stuff from other regions. I have a US PSN account on mine because the PAL PSN has a terrible, overpriced PSP selection for example.

    I got Uncharted 2 for 10 bucks. I haven't played 1 and can't find a cheap copy anywhere. Should I hold out until I get 1 or just play 2?

      I skipped the first game and thoroughly enjoyed the second one. I don't think it's necessary to track down Uncharted. Uncharted 2 is a good enough game to stand on it's own.

      The first one is a good game but Uncharted 2 tops it in every way. You miss a tiny bit of backstory etc but you can skip it without much of a problem. Only issue is that you'll struggle to go back and play it after finishing 2 because 2 is so good.

        Sweet I had a feeling this may be the case. Just worried as some series go to balls after the first game. I love Mass Effect 1 way more than 2 so just wanted to get some perspective on this series.

        Agreed! Uncharted 2 was such a big leap, for me, in terms of enjoying a game so much it gets finished really quickly because I don't want to stop! Found it hard to go back to #1, it's not that it's bad, but #2 is so good!

    I'd love to know when the Playstation Plus minis will work on my goddamn Vita.

    Something I've been thinking about lately:

    If a Kotaku reader were to write up their own article filled with research and whatnot, a thousand words or two on whatever game related topic, or even well written opinion piece, would you publish it on this here site?

    It's just I'm thinking maybe something like this would be a good way to contribute to a community they love.

      Adam Ruch has submitted a few articles like that. Zorine "Harli" Te has done a handful of writeups about LAN events. Raygun Brown has submitted the odd rant. I've written a retrospective review and started up the whole Shameless Gaming Month thing last year (which included a blog post or two of mine being posted here).

      Then there are reader reviews.

      So I think it's safe to say that it is definitely something people can do.

        Sweet. I should write up that love letter to DKC2.

      I wrote one about Demon's Souls, but Mark found a better one about Dark Souls somewhere else, so it didn't get published. :(

      Also, you can submit reader reviews for anything, old or new.

    Mark, will you be playing MGS3D? Or not interested after indulging the HD version.

    With Double Fine's Adventure! and now inXile pushing Wasteland 2, what game would you pay money dollars for someone (someone who knows/understands/loves the source material) to make a sequel/spiritual successor?

    Planescape: Torment would come in high on my wishlist. Also, I'd love someone to "de-make" FFVII with beautiful HD 2D sprites (basically a SNES style FFVII). It's not so much that the game is important to me, but I'd love to play it again and I can't ever get past those clunky, "ambitious 3D" graphics. And keeping to the Adventure game/long time coming sequel theme of Adventure & Wasteland, I'd love to play the two proposed games that followed Loom.

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