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Man, big week. For me at least. A lot of comments, a lot of arguing about stupid things, a lot fun. A lot of stress. I'm kind of glad to see the end of this week to be honest!

But you know what, as I said on twitter last night to a couple of folks, it's great to know that there are a group of people on Kotaku who are always reasonable, always awesome — even if we disagree — and always there to help one another. And send each other games and make insane photoshops. Yeah!

Thanks guys!

Also — Puck made this game for the Mass Effect comp. Just in case you haven't played it, you have to play it!

To the nom-cave!

First here's a little story about Strange, courtesy of Joel.

I tried to buy something on Steam but it wouldn't let me because I didn't have a credit/debit card linked to my PayPal (just a bank account). So I asked a question in TAY hoping for some feedback or answers when Strange did something amazing (the question). Out of the blue she added me on Steam and gifted me Psychonauts! I was so surprised! I didn't ask for the game and I just wanted to know how to transfer money into Steam so that I could buy it. For her to do something like that just made me so happy :D. So thank you very much Strange!

So that's a nom for Strange, obviously.

Cakesmith, who I was lucky enough to meet in person this week (didn't get to touch his afro though...) nominated Harli, for her willingness to totally show him, Trjn, Rocketman and Jo around the city when they came to visit. Also, they came and visited me for lunch. I ate a burrito which fell apart.

Rize dropped by with an email for my favourite Brother in-law who works at Kotaku, Mr Ben White. Some of you may have noticed some small changes around here with comments and stuff. That was all Ben, who worked really hard. There's more to come, and I'm sure it'll be awesome. Thanks Ben! And thanks Rize for thinking to nominate him.

Also — Rize dropped a big nom to Freeze!

NovaCascade also gave a mention to Freeze — seems he is having some job issues at the moment. Good luck man, and hope it all works out. NovaCascade also wanted to give a big mention to Freyr, Ruffleberg and Batguy for their willingness to give him Galaxy World tickets at the meet/meat!

I like The Last Question. I like him because he his entry into the Mass Effect comp was awesome (why did the Shepard cross the road? To geth to the other side). I also like him because his name totally ties into this story...

I'd like to nominate three people for Community Kudos noms this week.

They would be DAN!, Trjn and Sughly. We went to the Mana Bar in Brisbane on Tuesday night, with a team called TAYbies, and won. The competition was fierce, but our shared pool of knowledge was enough to render us victorious. I'd like to nom them all for being awesome, but specifically DAN! for being our ringleader, and for his s00pah hot self-pic he tweeted in the hours before we met up.

His name is the last question and he totally won a trivia competition. Awesome.

Last nom — Strange nommed Braaaains because he is "full of funny and/or thoughtful things to say". I agree with this. I enjoy his comments and think he is a swell guy.

Anyway this week's winner is Freeze? Why because I said so that's why (also, Rize and NovaCascade said so!)

Have a great weekend everyone!

If you see someone do something generous or nice in the Kotaku community, please nominate them for Community Kudos so we can highlight their awesome gesture! We like nice people around here and we like to give them props! Please send your nominations here!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used for Community Kudos –- you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


    Also CookingMama deserves a shout out for her awesome, discussion provoking story that went up yesterday (this after-the-fact nom has nothing to do with it being a story about how awesome I am (though there should be more stories on Kotaku about how awesome I am))!

    It gets even better with The Last Question.

    The trivia competition went down to a final tiebreaker question, which The Last Question answered.

    The Last Question won it for us on the last question.


    Also congrats to Freeze.

      Just noticed the tags. "Trjn wins at everything" and "Trjn also does coin tricks".

      I'm okay with this.

    Congrats to Freeze!

    I'm also super glad to see a nom link appear in the article. Great work, Mark!

      *fist bump*

      for being a coloured square and having a similar comment :)

        Talking about coloured squares, I thought I saw you sporting a gradient at some point. It was pretty sweet. Was this just a wonderful dream?

          Haha it happened for a while. All the yellow Dick Smith ads created a certain kind of monster by the name of Yellowius. He spred his evil influence and tried to take over my gravatar. A lot of people had changed their gravatars around the same time.

    Grats Freeze, I hope things work out :)

    Joel = me :P

    Yay for kudos description!

      Silly Greenius, this guy is Joel:

        Yay for finding that! Even I couldn't find that through Google when I wanted to see random old articles ages ago :P

        Oh wow, I still don't even have Tales of Vesperia.

    Mark deserves noms for putting up with so much Mass Effect 3 spoiler articles and discussion *without having beaten the game yet himself*. Now that's a sacrifice!

    Well done Freeze!

    Haha, I will point out that while I gave Nova three hundred and something tickets at Galaxy world, I actually persuaded him to cash in four hundred to get me a mini football. Carrying logos for a a team that he dislikes. So really, my thanks go out to you, NovaCascade!

    yay Freeze! Ice to see you take the win!! /bad pun

      Icy what you did there...

      (I'm posting this whenever I see an nice pun)

    That game is awesome too.. props to Puck! Only thing it's lacking is the trademark stare! Awesome work though :)

    Yay for Freezy McFreezerson!
    And why I am I always the bridesmaid but never the bride? I did all the houseworks today and everything! :P

      Bridesmaid... shouldn't you be the matron of honour now?

      Nom for Strange for doing the housework! \o/

    Thats right, Freeze won because I said so (and Rize and Mark too). Good to see that such a cool dude won

    I don't understand this Community Kudos thing...

    What is going on...?

      And I quote: If you see someone do something generous or nice in the Kotaku community, please nominate them for Community Kudos so we can highlight their awesome gesture! We like nice people around here and we like to give them props! Please send your nominations here!

    Congratulations Freeze!
    I'm so glad that something good is coming to you!

    Woo Freeze!
    Also, woo for Nova for backing me up with his nom :D

    Congrats Freeze and yeah you lot are awesome.

    For any of you guys who might be interested, there's an awsome Kickstarter up to produce a 3rd edition of of the popular video game book "High Score: The History of Video Games" and it's by the original author:
    Rewards include a meal with well known developers such as Will Wright, Sid Meier, Peter Molyneux and John Romero. However currently all copies of the book as rewards have ran out but the author has said he'll be soon adding more copies and a possible PDF version available. I really don't want to see this Kickstarter not reach its goal as I have the previous edition and enjoyed it.

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