Draw Something Is Drawing Huge Piles Of Money

Draw Something Is Drawing Huge Piles Of Money

I only started playing OMGPOP’s Draw Something a couple days ago. I already can’t stop playing. It’s irresistible — I’m playing games with damn near everyone I know on Facebook; people I never play games with, not even Words With Friends.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the game is raking in money. Particularly not as OMGPOP was just quickly acquired by social game titan Zynga. All the same, it’s impressive just how much money the game has been making, and how many people are playing it. According to Gamesindustry.biz, Draw Something has been downloaded over 37 million times and has over 20 million active users. There are currently 3000 drawings created every second, over a billion each week.

Draw Something itself has been generating $US250,000 in revenue per day after Apple’s 30% cut, which is… well, dang. Gamesindustry.biz cites a source that puts the total for the Zynga acquisition at $US210 million. Considering that Zynga also gets OMGPOP’s Wu-Tang Clan version of Farmville, seems like Zynga has made a wise investment.

Zynga’s OMGPOP acquisition: Reaction roundup [GamesIndustry.biz]

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  • Been playing since yesterday, hilarious fun. But… the word list is so small, I’ve seen words repeated heaps of times after only a day 😐

  • @Mr Waffle: I assume you got the free version? I noticed that too. The 99c version is worth it to get a few more colours and heaps more words. Also: it’s heaps of fun, and totally worth a dollar.

  • its a fricking pictionary ripoff, lets all get together and make an app and make millions, what the hell are we doing!?

  • A couple I am good friends with are begging me to DL and play against them. (they always try to get me to draw things for their daughter because I am a fairly good at it). They have the free version. They said you can play against friends or randoms. I think the female friend does not wish to draw against randoms cause the last few times the random she played just elected to draw penises and testes.

    i lol’d so hard.

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