It Only Takes A Minute To Summarise Metal Gear Solid's Story [Spoiler]

Well, that's a lie. This video, released last week by popular YouTube user Lore, only sums up part of the action-shooter-stealth series' twisty, oft-incomprehensible story. Still, it's worth watching if only to see Lore's adorable cartoon portrayal of Solid Snake's adventures.

This video contains spoilers for Metal Gear, Metal Gear 2 and Metal Gear Solid 3.


    No mention whatsoever of the Philosophers/Patriots? It's a summary of the story, but only of about 10% of it and on the most basic level :-P

    But I will say he did well for only having a little over a minute to work with...

      Hideo Kojima couldn't explain it in five games - I don't think its realistic for them to do it in 1 minute.


    I found his voice kind of hard to understand, though I don't imagine that's what made the plot run-down so confusing.

      Yeah, definitely needs a clearer VO.

    It's just not as interesting without a long, drawn out "BRRRROOOOOTTTHHHEEEERRRRR", a la Let's Destroy Metal Gear.

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