The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition And Its New Elements...

I caught up with the CD Projekt guys in Sydney earlier this month, and they seem to believe that, with The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition, they've created one of the best looking games on the Xbox 360. This trailer seems to be a strong argument for that assertion.

This 'new elements' trailer, believe it or not, goes into some of the 'new elements' being added to the Xbox 360 version of the game, but unless you've actually played the original, it'll most likely be difficult to spot what's new and what's not.

I was impressed with manner in which CD Projekt has managed to port the game across to the 360, not just in terms of visual quality, but the control system and the menus. It all works quite seamlessly, and I fully intend to play The Witcher 2 on 360 when it's released.

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    What I love about the "Enhanced Edition" is that it's their standard edition for 30 bucks less then the standard of any other game but contains content that a Collectors Edition would have for an extra 30 bucks.

    Very much looking forward to this.

    Mark - They didn't happen to give you a copy of the game that you could lose in my mailbox did they?

      Mark, I'm giving you the opportunity here to give me something for free yet you have not responded.

      Don't blow this deal.

    Do we know if we're getting the uncensored version of this game when it comes out for 360, or will it have the same edit as the local PC release?

    I'll probably get it either way (no, my PC is not really good enough to do this game justice) but I'm just wondering.

      who knows, maybe CDPR tried to sneak through the original to see if the OFLC was consistent.

      Either way, the edit was so minor, I played the uncut version imported from the UK and I never even came across the mission, the automatic refusal of sexual favours in a single instance is the most irrelevant edit required for game classification.

        Agree, it's a tiny change and not worth sparing a thought for.

        The weird thing is, you can get the exact same sex scene animation if you sleep with a prostitute or another character, but because this character is using sex as a thank you, it gets cut out.

    I can't wait to give this a crack. Still, it's going to need to get in line with: Skyrim, Dark Souls, ME3, DX:HR, SR3 and the list of bloody shame goes on.

    This was one of my favourite games last year, hope people who didn't have a grunty enough PC to play it on then pick it up on 360.

    I wish it would just come out for the PS3 too!

      I agree that would be awesome, as more people to play it the better. But apparently PC to Xbox 360 is a much easier coding exercise as the architecture is similar (or something).

    I already own this on PC, but am very tempted by the xbox version partly to do my bit to encourage this sort of behaviour and also because my PC isn't all that flash in the graphics department. Well, it's faster than the xbox by a large margin, technically, but PCs are never as efficient as the console hardware so I expect Witcher 2 to look better on my xbox than on my PC.

      There's no WAY it'll look better on the 360 than a PC. Sure, it might run more efficiently/smoother, but that comes at a sacrifice. Of course, I would be wrong if your PC is older than say 6-7 years.

        Yes, I mean with smooth performance. Developers put a lot of effort into hardware scaling for the console which they don't bother with on PC. There's no way a PC older than a couple of years would be able to play this game, yet the xbox is looking like it'll handle it really well.

    I <3 CDProjekt

    Their ancestors survived World War 2 and now they're making amazing games - kudos!

    Just got Witcher 2 on PC a few days ago - I'm playing it on an XBox 360 controller, and it does very well.
    If the 360 graphics are even 1/5th the quality of PC, it's an instabuy for anyone!

      Also - even if you get it on PC, hands down it's the BEST ART GOING in a PC game, no exaggeration

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