This Cosplayer Is Hungry Like A Wolf

This is South Korean cosplayer Hyun-ah Cho. That's not her cosplayer name. Oh, no. Her cosplayer name is "Wolf".

The Seoul resident tackles a wide variety of games and anime with her cosplay. Though, she sure seems to like fighting game Guilty Gear. There's a lot of Guilty Gear!

When not cosplaying Wolf says her hobby is sleeping. Guess that means cosplay isn't a hobby for her? Judging by her photos, I'd wager a "no".

Follow Wolf's blog here or check her out on Facebook here.

WOLF [Cure]


    I can't see any of the images

    This article is so good I can't stop punching myself in the face.

    Damn she pulls off that Mario screenshot look perfectly.

    click the images and they'll open up, no idea why they did this. how hard is it to say nsfw

    The Sorceress Edea cosplay is actually really good.

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