Assassin's Creed's Newest Hero Shares The Name Of A US Janitorial Supply Company

The American Indian name for the hero of Assassin's Creed III is "Ratohnhaké:ton." Somehow, that Anglicises to "Connor Kenway". His last name came to light this week, and it's there on Ubisoft's official site. So there you go: La'Ahad (Altaïr), Auditore (Ezio) and now ... Kenway.

Sounds like an appliance to me, though I realise that the recognisable brand of refrigerator is Kenmore, not Kenway. So here's what Google churned up on a search for that word.

There you have it: Kenway — your trusted name in home maintenance, and battling centuries-long global conspiracies. And counter-kills.


    That's it, I'm leaving for good.

      I agree. This is frigging pathetic. Look people hating on the haters. They are using a popular upcoming game with an "article" with the most tenuous link to the game, a Google search of the main character's surname just for page hits.

      I know our whinging means very little as it is from the Kotaku US site (the AU site I absolutely love), and our page hits mean very little. But what I do think is that Kotaku AU, this is demeaning the good work that you guys do.

        Or....OR...hang on guys, this'll be awesome.....right, so, you use the tag search to show only articles tagged "KotakuCORE" and get exactly the articles you want!

        It's like they thought of a solution or something!

        WAIT A SEC! I've got a better idea! How about we ignore the solution, right, then complain about the problem that could be so easily solved? Awesome!

          Hell, I even did it for you:

          Or..or.. hang on, this will be awesome too. How about we actually come to a gaming journalism site for gaming journalism and not even need to have a specific tag devoted to what the site is supposed to be in the first place?!

          The KotakuCore tag is not a solution to a problem, it's just an attempt to to hide the problem. It's just like taking pain killers because your head hurts and ignoring the fact that there's an axe lodged in it.

        "this is demeaning the good work that you guys do."

        What? Kotaku AU is a subordinate site to the actual original Kotaku US website. No matter how much you hate poor US site articles, they are the benchmarks here, if anything the AU posts of quality journalism are the 'nails that stick out.' Instead of complaining about bad things we always easily dealt with before, whey don't we just praise the good work of the AU writers when it pops up? Oh wait of course, squeaky wheel and all that.

          What? The AU articles are superior to Kotaku US drivel. The articles on AU are thoughtful essays on multiple topics, and there's also actually news that we care about and find useful. US articles generally consist of either Ashcraft posting cosplay or something else related to Japan that fulfills his wierd fantasies, Owen ranting about some shit nobody cares about, or Plunkett reposting some garbage off Reddit, or any of the other authors posting some irrelevant stuff like this that really isn't interesting at all.

            Saying that they're 'licensed' means nothing. In the same way you Kotaku US calls the shots in the same way Harvey Norman franchises need to advertise Flexirent with guys in ties.

            I mean if Kotaku AU was just so up with this quality they are praised for then why don't they share their dear readers views in the hate for US posts, and therefore spare us associated drivel? Because when it's Kotaku it's Kotaku US (global) and when it's Kotaku AU it's Kotaku US plus bonus relevant AU posts yay!

          They actually aren't a subordinate. They are now owned by two separate entities. Kotaku, Lifehacker and Gizmodo are licensed by Gawker to Allure Media. You will find that not all of Kotaku US articles are posted on the AU site, but we still get these.

          No one can honestly say that this article was relevant or entertaining to read. And before we get the, if you don't like it don't read it. But I love Assassin's Creed series, I thought maybe this article may refer to some sort of link to a corporate conspiracy theory. Granted the headline doesn't allude to a terribly interesting conspiracy, but I don't have much of an issue with Owen Good, he often writes a lot about sports that don't interest me. But this articles was literally just a bunch of useless Google searches.

        Yep I am back after about 3 weeks of not tuning in after being fed up. Its not "demeaning" its sabotaging I feel like calling the terrorist hotline... but I think I will just post links of better blogs instead I am guessing everyone from au already watches 5inchfloppy.

    Those other names translate into English as well, which doesn't make them nearly as exotic either.

    Well, that was disappointing. Here I was thinking the article was about a Janitorial Company called "Ratohnhaké:ton", since, you know, that's what the title suggests.

    I think Owen is competing for worst journalist ever. He's got some work to do though. Bashcraft and Flunkett are still well ahead.

    You dropped your Tinfoil Hat, Sir.

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