Grab The Mount & Blade Collection Right Now For $7.49 (Usually $29.99)

No excuses! If you've found reason upon reason ("My pants are too short!", "I have bad hair!" or "Frogs! I own far too many frogs.") to give Mount & Blade a miss, this sale should obliterate most, if not all of them. Except for those of you with short pants — that's just silly and you should be deathly ashamed.

If you head on over to Green Man Gaming, you'll see the online retailer has slashed the price of the collection by 75 per cent, bringing its normally reasonable US$29.99 price tag down to a startling US$7.49.

What do you get for your almost-eight bucks? From GMG:

Mount & Blade: Calradia is soaked with the blood of sellswords. Survive, and turn a profit! Mount & Blade: Warband: Command your own faction and engage in 64 player multiplayer! Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword: Firearms have come to Europe! Learn to tame their unholy roar.

Once purchased from GMG, you'll need a Steam account to play, though I doubt this will pose much of a barrier.

Mount & Blade Collection [Green Man Gaming, via Reddit]


    If only bethesda would learn a few things about combat from mount & Blade

      totally agree, Skyrim is a fun game, but MB combat is soo much better

    But the graphics....

      But dat gameplay makes up for it.

    I always thought that a SoFaI mod for M&B would be the awesome due to things like the army editor allowing truly epic battles to occur.

    i love the Game play ont his Franchise soo much fun too bad i have all of these already lol
    If they took the time to put out a Current Gem Game with all the Awesome of its game play it would sell well most people see the GFX and go EW! and steer away.

    This game has so much depth in its campaign map and battles. NOTHING like a good 900 Vs 900 Castle siege in this game.

    Hehe...Kergits trying to take a castle full of Nords. Hilarious. Silly horsemen.

    greenman gaming is the shittiest site ive ever been on. wont let me use unverified paypal. they just want my credit card numbers.

    Wouldn't let me use my $10cr to purchase the game.
    Wouldn't let me use paypal unless my email addresses were the same.. who cares?
    Wouldn't let me download the game via their client.
    Sent me a blank activation code email for Steam.
    Haven't got back to me about my ticket yet..

    Don't think I will deal with them again..

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