I'm Not Sure What's Going On, But Reset Sure Looks Good...

I have to say, I have no earthly idea what Reset is about, but this debut trailer, which is apparently "straight from the in-game engine" looks incredible.

The official website states that Reset is a singleplayer co-op first-person puzzle game. The game is being developed by Theory Interactive — a team made up of two artists attempting to bring "smart, immersive and entertaining gaming experiences to core gamers".

The core mechanic of Hard Reset involves using time travel, to interact with yourself and solve puzzles co-operatively. The phrase "singleplayer co-op" has been bandied around. Again, I have no idea what that means specifically. But man does Reset look pretty.

I'm intrigued and curious to see where this project is headed.


    Good tease, I'm in.

    I can imagine it would be like, as a simple example, you need to press two buttons at the same time to open a door. You go up and press one, then time travel back and press the other while your previous self presses the first one.

    My head hurts.

      So basically Braid but in 3D. Me Likey.

    Nice :)

    Yup as stated above. Futuristic braid that's first person. Though looks very pretty. Look forward to hearing a bit more about this one.

    Wait - how does hard reset fit into this?

      Exactly what I was thinking. I think Mark got confused with the PC FPS Hard Reset when he mentioned the core mechanic.

    Beware of overhype people

    That was drawing me in right up until they suggested that someone was being resuscitated from an apparently extended comatose state via defibrillation...

      Well now that their medical science is inaccurate, you may as well boycott the whole thing. I mean, time travelling mech suits is one thing, but incorrectly using a defibrillator is just too much to retain your suspension of disbelief.

    Do we have any idea what platforms this will be released on?

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