Iowa Journalism School Adds Video Games Writing To Curriculum

This fall, the University of Iowa's School of Journalism and Mass Communication will offer a course in writing about video games and reporting on the industry.

"My idea is that everyone can learn from video games," Kyle Moody, the course's instructor and a teaching assistant in the journalism school, told The Daily Iowan, the independent newspaper of the university. "I am into video games, but I see it more as a way for learning; to write about technology experiences and lifestyle and culture, video games are the entry point to me."

A more senior faculty member indicated that the mushrooming news coverage of the games industry means her school should be training writers in how to write about it.

"There's a big video-game industry out there that has a really active audience," said Julie Andsager, the director of the university's Media Research Lab. "[People] are reading stories about video games and publications - the more our students can learn how to write for that market, the better."

The course is called "Specialized Reporting & Writing, Video Games & Communication" and it will be offered beginning in the fall term of 2012.

UI journalism teacher adds video game narrative writing course to Fall 2012 curriculum [The Daily Iowan via GamePolitics]


    Man, I really wish this had been one of those 'one line' articles. :P

      That would have been pretty funny.

      First person to make a Luke joke loses, by the way. I'm watching you! (Not you, Lambomann)

        Would your comment apply for that, in the sense of one of those punchline-less jokes, much akin to Luke's oft-abhorred love of brevity?

        Personally, I *can* see the value to Luke's posts. They're brilliant for a quick "hey, that's neat!" moment, especially whilst I'm not meant to be reading Kotaku, such as at work. Different strokes I guess.

          Upon review, and in blatant hypocrisy with the upcoming statement, I'm actually going to help Luke out;

          I rescind all previous Plunkett defences.

    So are we hyphenating 'video games' or not?

    Classes offered:
    Hyperbole 101
    Food Metaphors in Modern Prose
    The Good Old Days: A Cultural Analysis
    Cosplay Aprreciation.

      You forgot:
      Why numbers below 9 don't exist

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