Let Me Show You What Doesn’t Work In Kinect Star Wars — And What Does

Let Me Show You What Doesn’t Work In Kinect Star Wars — And What Does

Kinect Star Wars is not the world’s greatest new video game. I’ve said as much in my review.

But you should see this game’s failures — and its triumphs — for yourself. Watch the video and allow me to demonstrate.

As you watch, bear in mind that this game might be lovely for little kids who have a high tolerance for waving their arms around to make things happen. I think that even little kids deserve better than a game that promises you’ll be physically role-playing as a Jedi or Rancor Monster but only works crudely and clumsily.

The dancing’s good, though. As I say in the video, the much-maligned dancing mode is the one aspect of the game that didn’t make me focus on whether the Kinect was or wasn’t working. Small victory!


  • Ironic that the only thing that works really well happens to be the second biggest insult to everything Star Wars ever. The mere idea of this is worse than the Prequel movies.

    Still not as bad as the Holiday Special, but what can you do?

  • You can flail your arms around and it works, so that a younger audience can play and have fun. But you are wrong abut precision, you can also play like you are holding a lightsaber, even with two hand if you like (and your character will also use 2 hands, you can deflect laser blasts with a figure 8 or more precisely with a well timed swing and they will go back at the enemies.
    you were basically playing like a fool, go back and try again, it does work.
    Also in rancor rampage you can walk to move forward you dont have to charge and the faster you move is reflected on the screen.
    You dont use a controller because its KINECT STAR WARS, your supposed to get off the couch and immerse yourself.
    You forgot to mention the awesome pod racing mode. which controls brilliantly, and will strengthen your arms. ha.
    glad you had fun with the silly dance mode.
    why would you just stand there and do nothing on a speeder?
    the space combat is simple and fun. not being able to hold your thumb down to fire isnt that big a deal, as its a pretty simple gester in real life. you can do it if you like and pretend i guess. kinect just cant pick up that subtle of a movement.

    grab a flashlight or something and go back and try and play jedi destiny again and swing with some control, and get back to me. its actually a lot of fun.

  • Your not supposed to flail like a little kid, but can so it works for little kids too.
    You started getting it when you held something in duels of fate. go grab a flash light if it helps and try Jedi Destiny again, be precise, you can deflect lasers and even hold the lightsaber with 2 hands and it will show this in game too. Try again. It does work pretty well. you need more practice.

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