A Few More Beyond Good & Evil 2 Screenshots

Over the weekend, some new screenshots of Beyond Good & Evil 2 - or at least BG&E2's tech demo - look to have turned up. Interestingly, while they share the same setting as the last screens (and the tech demo video), these actually have star Jade front and centre, and show sequences not depicted in prior looks.

Sadly, as good as this looks (or as weird, since all the tech seems decidedly human and contemporary), we probably won't get our hands on a second BG&E game until the next generation of home consoles.

[thanks CV1!]


    Here's hoping these 'leaks' are Ubisofts attempt at viral marketing and an imminent release. Delusion has served me well. :P

      (Also Jade was briefly visible in the fly through video around the :45 sec mark. I might have watched it a few too many times.)

    Has the indian look.

      Jade's looking a bit more South Asian and less French too.

    Expecting (and hoping) for an official E3 announcement.

    Can't wait! Also, i suddenly feel like eating some fish.

    If this is a sneaky marketing ploy, I am all for it. I can only hope that there will be a secret reveal at Ubisoft's E3 conference.

    There has to be an E3 reveal - probably a trailer, obviously no gameplay, but Ubisoft need to give us something! Even if it's just a "Hey, this is what next-gen games coming from our studio will look like."
    Come on, this already looks rad. Give us a little love, eh?

    I don't buy it. Jade doesn't look right. Especially that hair on the pic where you can see her face, it looks very amateurishly done. Art student project imo.

    /I hope.

    Green lipstick or GTFO.

    Why are there sign textures repeated multiple times down the street?

      I may agree with MrTaco. Could be student project.

    I kinda do hope they're holding on to BG&E2 for the next generation of consoles. Whilst these shots look good for a PS3 or Xbox 360, imagine how much nicer they could look with a more powerful machine behind it more in line with today's PCs?

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