Australian Classification Board Reveals Two Unannounced Sony Titles

There are rumours going round that Sony, whilst not debuting any sort of next generation console, do have a couple of surprises up their sleeves. The Classification Board has just classified two Sony titles — one for the PS3 and one for PS Vita — making us wonder if those surprise games could be closer to release than we think?

It's possible, but these games could be anything really. All we know at this stage is that the games are being developer by Digital Reality, a studio based in Hungary. Digital Reality has recently been focused on creating smaller, digital only titles, so most likely these games aren't part of Sony's big E3 announcement. I'd expect these, as yet untitled, releases to be some sort of exclusive PSN title available on PS3 and PSN.

Still, we'll ask Sony for comment and update if we hear anything further.


    I'd be stunned if they *don't* have a lot of PS Vita announcements. The system really needs them

    I love sometimes browsing the list, easy for some games to 'accidentally' get announced through there.

    Looking forward to E3 - I reckon they'll come on hard with PS3 / PSV announcements.

    Just info on the PS3 / Vita connectivity will do for me! What are Sony going to do to combat the Wii-U? That combo is the perfect way to shift Vitas.

    well seeing as all of the E3 articls are sponsored by PS Vita, i'd assume that there will be a lot of Vita stuff at E3

    Ok, so what are the 2 titles then?

    If it's a game that has just coarse language, its either a Singstar or Buzz title. What other games would have swearing but no violence?

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