Spider-Man’s In A Rush In His Newest Gameplay Trailer

Spider-Man’s In A Rush In His Newest Gameplay Trailer

Not sure how I feel about “web rush” having seen this latest trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man. I’m sure everyone’s going to call this a quicktime event mechanic, and that sequence where Spidey taps the stooge on the shoulder and then wraps him up does look scripted.

But as the game’s executive producer explains, “web rush” itself is supposed to be a slowed-down map of points on the screen you can choose to zip to as Spider-Man, giving the player an easier handle on moving Spidey through the city or in combat without watering down the visual appeal of his acrobatics. Can’t wait to see Stan Lee doing this stuff.

I guess we will find out when the game gets here on June 26. It’s an old-school full-Ginsburg adaptation of a summer film, available on PS3, 360, Wii, 3DS and DS.


  • The web rush looks pretty, but one of the things I really liked about the older free roam Spiderman games was travelling the city in fully manual control. Hope it’s still an option.

    • Yeah, of course you can traverse the city manually. The ‘Web Rush’ feature is there for those who want a more dynamic movement system, and I suspect can be largely ignored until the game requires you to use it (like in combat).

      • You say ‘dynamic’ but I think what you mean is ‘simple’…

        Full manual control is as dynamic as it gets.

  • Is it real time 3D? is it a Quicktime event?

    Frankly I couldn’t careless if the effect is the same and it makes for an enjoyable experience..

  • Looks a bit stilted to me. One of the biggest drawpoints of a Spiderman game, for me at lesat, is the freedom of movement, being able to swing around through the city with a nice parkour-like flow. If they made the in and out of the slow motion a bit smoother it’d probably help a lot, but at this point it looks like it’s interrupting that flow far too much.

    There appear to be sequences in the new movie that take inspiration from Mirror’s Edge, or at least are based on a very similar concept. I’d love to see a developer have a go at that kind of first person movement with the full simulation of the character’s body and movements for a Spiderman game.

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