Touch Japan's Most Popular Virtual Idol

One of the PlayStation Vita's most interesting features is "rear touch" — the Vita's backside touchpad controls. This newly announced, limited edition PlayStation Vita features virtual idol Hatsune Miku on the Vita's back, which is prime touch real estate.

Out August 30 in Japan, the Hatsune Miku Vita bundle comes in two flavours: ¥39,980 ($500) for the 3G/WiFi model and ¥34,980 ($430) for the Wi-Fi only version. Both bundles are packaged with a 4GB memory card, an original design protector screen, an original design AR card, and a copy of upcoming PS Vita game Next Hatsune Miku Project Diva (that's a temporary game title).

The limited edition Hatsune Miku is a Miku-covered version of the newly revealed Crystal White PlayStation Vita. No word yet on a Western release.


    I'd buy that.... hang on... I can import this!!!

      I have a bad feeling it'll be impossible to get, just like previous PSP Monster Hunter etc bundles. They make about 5 of them and they sell out of preorders in the first hour, it's like Sony purposefully doesn't want to make money.

    I'm eagerly awaiting a hologram tupac edition vita.

    Man I am desperate to import this. Don't know how but very desperate

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