Five Minutes Of Halo 4 Gameplay Footage

Forget shaky-cam beta stuff and watch five minutes of direct-feed, singleplayer gameplay footage of Halo 4, direct from Microsoft's E3 press conference earlier today.

I don't know whether it's the improved visuals or the new developer (or both!), but for the first time in a long time, this looks almost as though it's a truly new Halo game.


    Looks spectacular. Can not wait!

    Wow...that is impressive, definitely considering buying it.

    I'm really hoping this comes out on PC.

      i really doubt that, unfortunate as it is. even if it does eventually get released on pc, it'll be a windows 8 (or 9, who knows) exclusive like halo 2 was to vista.

        Halo 2 runs fine on Windows 7, it was exclusive to Vista because of DirectX 10.

      LOL I thought this exact same good would it look on PC! Must buy though, looks like it's a winner!

    wow, im really hoping i wont have to play this game, it looks just as boring as all the other halo games (exception being halo wars)

      i thought it looked exactly the same as all the rest too. just like the COD series. it's all been done before.
      but, just like the COD series, it is a brand that people know. so it's a guaranteed money making machine.

      Not sure if troll or from the COD forums

        neither, i dont care for COD

        ive played halo through till 3... and quite honestly, its boring - the only reason i got 3 was for coop... which is likely why i may end up with 4... but i sure aint gonna pay top dollar for it, bargain bin please

    Looks like ill be blowing the dust off my 360, something good might finally be coming out.

    well the developers said they wanted to bring back the 'alien wonder' and I think they've done it.

    Meh, only the enemies were interesting. I'm still going to wait until they show something new.

    Words can no has description.
    Looks incredible, and that's just a taste of whats to come in the new trilogy. Can't wait for next gen Halo 5 and 6.

    New hud screams Metroid Prime

      New HUD screams "HALO 3! Let's take a step backwards!".

        New HUD screen is from Halo 3 because it's from the same timeline. Reach is before hence why it was different.

          No, that's a cop out. The HUD can be changed at any time, it changed between Halo 2 and Halo 3, where Chief's armour doesn't change. Between Halo 3 and 4 the armour has changed for no real good reason. The only reason why they're doing this is to please the highly vocal whiners who always claim that Halo 3 was the best.

            Well actually, they were floating in space for 4 years and Cortana spent almost all of that time working on Chief's armour (and, presumably, the hud)

              Yeah, if you're going to give a lame reason for why he looks different you could at least take the time to not take a step back and ignore upgrading another feature.

    Switching visor mode ;)

    Still wow halo you have changed for the better!

    I'm a huge Halo cynic... really only liked the first and maybe a little of ODST just for the change of tone/character...

    This actually made me interested in learning more about this game, which really surprised me. Those enemies looked pretty unique and interesting not to mention the 'Cortana finally going Rampant' angle... color me pleasantly surprised

    Thanks for the spoiler warning Plunkett, I totally difdn't watch it and see the new faction that I was patiently waiting until release to experience.

      The thumbnail didn't tip you off? It really ought to have. Then, after that, you had many opportunities to stop watching. You have no-one to blame but yourself.

      So you didn't expect the gameplay vid to show off the new things about Halo 4? I guess this is the first time you've ever watched a gameplay video for any game before release then.

      Protip: Gameplay videos feature gameplay, in a shooter that would be going around shooting dudes.

    That looks great! Played all of them except 2 - and only haven't because it hasn't been re-released. Can't wait!

    Anyone else think the first forerunner dudes he fights look a little like the Bullsquid from HL1?

    i liked health packs way better, but did you see the forerunner shotgun? 0.O
    also, was that forerunner vision? or just a new thermal visor or something lke ODST?
    cant wait though
    (please be new forgeworld, please be new forgeworld,please be new forgeworld,)

    Totally worth the 8GB for the MP only xD

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