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Today I saw a discussion about the Skate series and I realised — I really miss Skate. Like I really, really miss it. Skate 2 may be one of my favourite games of this generation and, at the time, the series felt like this really progressive cool thing. It got me wondering — if you could revive any dead franchise, which one would it be and why?

I miss a lot of things. I miss Nights, I miss Metroid Prime, I miss 2D Metroid, I miss Syphon Filter — I could go on all day, but I'm keen to hear your suggestions!

Let us know in the comments below.


    The Lost Vikings. Puzzle/Platformer for the win. Don't see many of them these days.

      We've got Trine though!

      Loved Lost Vikings, and Trine is the closest we've got.

    Halflife? lolololol....

    Wait... Now I'm just sad.

    Definitely saboteur, I loved that game and the use of color

    Call of Duty.

    Yes, I went there.
    But for reals? Probably Sim "X" - I'd love a new Sim Earth, Sim Tower, heck even a new Sim Ant. I think a lof of the Sim games had solid mechanics which would still hold up under a fresh "coat of paint".

      I never understood Sim Tower. I wanted to like it but I think I just never got a grip on how to be good at it. Maybe that's one of those games that would get "streamlined" for dumbasses like me.

      I'd like to see an updated Theme Hospital. Then again, the original is still pretty awesome to play today.

        Sim Tower was soo good, you just had to be careful not to spend all your money too quickly and secure a constant income. Condos to work your way up to hotels and shops, but mostly hotels. I eventually decided double hotels were the most efficient and worked at making a complete 100 story edge to edge tower of double hotels, got bout 75% there too.

    I'd love a new platforming Banjo Kazooie game

    Lufia. Lufia 2 is my favourite snes game and the ds remake was horrific. new story and puzzles and the random 100 floor dungeon please.

      Toss up between Lufia 2 and Breath of Fire 2 as my favourite games on SNES. Let's not mention the GBA/DS ports.
      Would be nice to see these come back properly.

        Too true, got both of those games for my snes, alongside terranigma


    Not this new thing Two Guys from Andromeda came out of retirement to do via kickstarter. I want the golden-age of Sierra bona fide Space Quest goddamn SEVEN we were promised over a DECADE ago starring Roger goddamn Wilco.


    X-Wing / TIE Fighter. Dark Forces. Wing Commander. Descent. Maybe do Syndicate properly too.

      I'd love a new TIE Fighter. Even just a HD reimagining with the story fleshed out a bit would suit me.

        I would pay proper money for that... in fact I came in here just to say a new TIE Fighter game.

        Literally the only part of TIE Fighter that's dated are the graphics. The gameplay is as fresh and solid now as it was in the 90s.

        Trouble is if Lucasfarts did it now they'd stick prequel crap all through it :(

      Hell yes descent. My joystick needs a good dust off.

      Yep, I said joystick.

        I wonder if THQ owns the rights? They certainly own most of what's left of Parallax, but the games were Interplay I think?

    Trauma Center on DS/3DS. Screw the Wii games, I want tactile controls!

    Firefly! ... Wait no, that's just my go-to response when asked what I miss/want to revive. Probably Streets of Rage - back to the roots of 1 or 2 with some slick Marvel v Capcom/modern fighter graphics

    what do you think was the biggest bomb at E3?

    I'm stuck between: Fable the Journey, and sony spellbooks.

      The PacMan versus game that Nintendo spent 20 minutes demoing during their press conference.

    Funnily enough, the Skate series is the series I want revived the most, I play Skate 3 every day, have done for about a year and still not sick of it, it is the only game I play.

    War of the monsters- a really fun monster brawler on the PS2. Sony should revive the franchise especially with the Godzilla movie in production.

    S.O.S: Final Escape or Disaster Report- It's understandable but unfortunate that Disaster report 4 was cancelled after the Japan Earthquake. The disaster report games are often unpolished but their concepts are fantastic.

    Eyetoy Antigrav- Sony might own the rights, I'm not 100% sure, but I wonder why Harmonix haven't released a kinect or move version. It was one of the few Eyetoy games that worked and it was fun as well.

    I really loved the skate games too, i still play them from time to time.

    Shadow of Rome

    It was a bad ass gladiator game on the PS2. One of the greatest bits was cutting a blokes arm off then beating him to death with it.

    Bubsy the Bobcat. Not even kidding.

    Also reeeeeally hoping the rumours of Broken Sword 5's announcement turn out to be true.

    Homeworld. Because current space games are too focused on the single, or the grand, and I like emphasis on a per battle basis.

    I want a new Breath of Fire game, especially a new entry in the pre-Dragon Quarter/BOFV continuum (Yes, they are apparently in the same continuum up to III at least). A new Tenchu would be fantastic as well, especially if it took all the new design theory and technology from modern stealth games. Tenchu Z just lost a lot of the charm of the original series.

    Point Blank. Best shooting games ever. We need lightguns to come back.

    Current gen and Wii shooting games are really just waving a gun shaped stick around to move a cursor on the screen. So dumb.

      I like you.

      Lightgun games are amazing. Why they died to be replaced by strange replicas formed with the WiiMote and PS Move confuses me.

        Was thinking the same thing the other day. Tried Killzone with a full on assault rifle/move setup - just miserable compared to Time Crisis with my replica desert eagle light gun with real recoil action.

          point blank and time crisis are the only reason i still keep my old CRT tv set!
          the thing ways a ton and takes up so much room but you cant beat point blank for crazy multiplayer fun
          failing leaves or coin flip stage anyone?

    I still play Skate 2 and 3. I like 2 more than three, especially the all in one world rather than the segregated 'areas' of three, but I love building my own parks in 3, I've got parks made up of famous skate spots set up like plazas that I just tweak constantly.

    I think if Skate were to continue it needs to dramatically change the format, and from what I've seen about the feedback on 3, it almost needs to be more like a skate sim, rather than a tony hawk, score a million points on a triple backflip over the grand canyon type gameplay.

    I know this is venturing into obsessive territory, but I've been cooking up ideas for a sequel... please don't judge me.
    - Real open world again (like 2), but bigger. I love the create a park feature, but maybe if it could be added onto the world (so you could skate into it seamlessly, or something similar) at designated points, instead of them existing as separate entities.

    - Ability to drop items into that world (like3) but also alter that world with your own construction, adding things to a spot within the city (not a separate park) to change it's playability. I'm thinking of the famous Burnside skatepark, which started out as a small concrete slope against a barrier but evolved into a fully functioning park by people doing their own (mostly dodgy to start with) ledges, rails, ramps, bowls. You could earn cash from magazine covers/video spot challenges etc to buy supplies like concrete/wood/steel. Even having an open world like red dead redemption for multiplayer, but that world can be altered as above. You could drop into a different server and play the same world as the single player or other multiplayer servers, but it's been altered differently by other online players.

    - dynamic day/night cycle. Instead of security, why not have certain spots only available to be skated at night or day? You could even earn cash to buy generators to light up the spot. Some challenges could be day/night exclusive too.

    - dynamic weather cycle. Unfortunately it rains when you want to skate sometimes, but that would mean other spots are still available undercover, like carparks, stadiums etc, maybe they only open up when it's raining? Also challenges from Thrasher's king of the road like 'do a handrail in the rain' could be only available in certain types of weather.

    - better physics. No more super floaty huge jumps, more real and weighted physics that feel awesome when you hit a trick right, but feel suitably bad when you stack. Also some kind of button mash for pushing so that we're not just stuck with a certain top speed (much like button mashing to sprint in games like GTA). Also making a difficulty setting for high drops, so that you have to land more accurately the higher you jump from, not just have it cut off at a certain height.

    - RPG elements. ok maybe I'm pushing it here, but what about having skills that you level up? One of the things i thought was interesting about the bboy games is that you only had access to certain moves from the beginning and had to 'learn' others, especially transitions between moves. This could work in Skate with tricks, only starting with the base moves like ollie, kickflip, heelflip, 5050 etc and expanding into more as you progress. It could also work with stats for certain skills like getting faster (to be able to do longer gaps), trick higher (ollie/flip height to hit bigger rails), better balance, take bigger drops etc. It could come from completing challenges or just from sticking tricks, the more you ollie, the better you get.

    - Gear. You get cash in the other games for gear and clothes, but it's only cosmetic. What about boards and wheels that wear out, clothes that get dirty/ripped, or even being able to buy faster wheels, poppy-er decks? Equipping different gear to hit different challenges?

    I'm sure there's more but these are just some thoughts, some crazy obsessive thoughts.

      Holy shit I didn't realize it was that was massive! Sorry people.

        Awesome post though.

        Sounds good. I was just talking the other day about how skate is awesome but nobody I know plays it anymore. I think the series just didn't have a direction to go in. They sort of hit this wall in skate 2 where they were doing everything they wanted to do, everything they could think of to do, almost perfectly. skate 3 comes along and it's awesome but there's nothing really major to shake things up.

        One thing I think they need is smoother interaction between players in freeskate. You can't yell 'look over here' and have your friend look and lock-on to what you're doing.

        I know BMX didn't really work out well for Tony Hawk, but I think being able to jump on a bike, skateboard or free run would be sweet in skate. Motocross and driving would be awesome too but I think it's going a bit far. When you get to that you're basically making Second Life or PSHome with an awesome physics engine.

        NPC skaters who can ghost your moves would be cool too. Like you hit 'record run', do one, edit it a little, then you can tell NPCs to do it on command. Then you could do simple things like having a few NPCs lay down so you can kickflip over them, or complex things like a relay run down a mountain.

        I'm hoping that next generation we see a skate game with a map too big to explore. The sort of map that you never really see everything.

          They definitely need to switch it up, Skate 2 was amazing, but Skate 3 felt like a half step with the only real innovation being the build a park feature.

          I think adding other things like BMX, free running etc would better in their own games, otherwise you risk getting the focus confused. It sounds more like a modern GTA type game, by doing that it would prob spread all the development too thin and nothing would be the quality that's really necessary.

          A next gen skate game with a map the size of skyrim would be amazing, we can only hope!

      All awesome ideas. Even the RPG elements. Anyone who's skated in real life knows it takes AGES just to learn how to ollie, let alone any grinds, flips, grabs, etc.

      Some type of level tree would be cool, where if you tend to do grinds and slides more often, you level those stats quicker and unlock more grinds/slides, making your character more of a street skater. Then if you take an interest in ramps later, you still need to practise to get good at vert, grabs, etc.

        Exactly. I think it would add depth and encourage you to 'grind' (haha awesome pun!) to unlock new tricks, but in doing so you earn stat points for your abilities and also cash for gear and supplies, not to mention explore the open world more.

        Maybe you could even score more more points/stats for discovering hidden/dangerous spots and skating them, almost like the 'kill the spot' but you get more out of it than just a score number.

          I like the idea but at the same time one of the big draws skate had (for me at least) was that it was all my skill. My ability to control the character was the only real deciding factor in whether I could do something or not (obviously there's some hardcoded stuff in there). I remember doing this massive run in the original skate demo where I twisted and turned, ducked and dodged, etc. It took me about three hours to pull of but man was it satisfying.
          I'm not sure that satisfaction would be there if I knew that when I got the full version I'd be able to increase my stats higher and do it easily, or if I did it on the full version knowing that having high stats made it easier to pull off.

            My main problem with the way the skate games are now is that I can do everything I want straight away, the only time it's difficult is when i'm pushing the game to do something it's not supposed to, which isn't really the point.

            By having a skill tree you can grow maybe it'll make the average player get more out of and appreciate the way they can tailor their skater to do the things they want. Maybe it'll be more of a challenge instead of being able to every single trick as soon as you start the game and give people more ownership over their skater?

            Also I've been thinking that maybe there could be some dice roll systems going on under the hood, everyone has good days and bad days skating so maybe it could reflect that, only the higher your stats are the more likely to stick the trick, it could add a bit of unpredictability?

      Great post man, I like your ideas, all of them...!

      Id like to also see visible wounds, scratches, road rash etc on your skater... thatd be cool...

      Im sure EA could put the Frostbite 2 engine to fucking work on a game like this, player animations, environmental elements, and micro damage to ledges, rails and benches as they get kit up more and more etc...

      But yeah Skate coming back would be awesome... think il go home and play some Skate 2 tonight, been a while :)

        *hit up, not kit up...

        Damage to the environment would be interesting, that would go hand in hand with in world construction so if you skate a ledge too much and it gets all chipped and unskateable you could add some coping or patch it up with some concrete!


    Micro Machines

    Rock and Roll Racing

      Have you tried MotorStorm RC? That could be considered a mash of both Micro Machines & Rock & Roll Racing (minus the weapons).

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