The One Topic Guaranteed To Bring Out The 'Idiotic Pebbledicks'





    Hey look, capslock!

      Since we're all shouting:



        TO RULE THEM ALL!!

        Totally. One trailer THIS WEEK! Or had you forgotten about Hitman? And horrible abuse everyday on-line.

      I'd relate it more to the D-grade horror movies representing the movie industry. I think we're going to need to accept that games featuring these cheap cop-outs using skanky & scantilly-clad women to are going to continue being made while there's armies of bedroom-bound & sexually depraved guys who are going to be willing to pay for it.

      The sad truth is that there are companies out there who are going to use sex as a motive to sell their product because they've decided who their target demographic is going to be. Much like we've learned to turn away & ignore all the horribly tasteless movies out there - we're going to need to learn to do the same, here. For more information - have a look at the worst rated movies of 2012 & we'll see titles such as "Strippers vs Werewolves" or "Celebrity Sex Tape".

        It's kinda ironic that the reason they are all scantily clad kinda stems from the whole being a slut is bad so we'll show them getting killed by a serial killer in order to discourage the practice while appealing to those who think these people should be punished( Hence why the virgin generally lives as pointed out in one of the scream movies)

        Which is kinda the whole abortion America thing

          Ironic because the hordes of people that would buy the game purely based on the pvc-nun-brigade would most likely be a virgin?

    yay charlie brooker!

    everyone should check out black mirror. its a twilightzone-y type show based on how modern technology can affect us if we're not careful. its written by brooker and its incredibly self evident by the first part of the first episode

    from the link: "Lara Croft: a pixellated wet dream?"


    If that tomb raider trailer had a guy being beaten and almost raped would this be a problem

      No because guys don't get raped.

      It's a massive double standard. If you've ever seen 40 days and 40 nights. It is clear at the end of the movie that he was raped. But most shrug it off because guys can't be raped and even if they did they think about sex so much it can't be that bad for them.

      If the roles had been reversed in that film and it was a chIck we would have had people screaming bloody murder over it

        Because when guys get raped it's funny, don't drop the soap is just SO ORIGINAL & HILARIOUS.

        (I'm being sarcastic in case you couldn't tell)

        I... have no idea what you are trying to say.

        Men can be raped. It's just as bad. Less common, but just as bad.

        What does this have to do with anything?

    I agree, but I'm still think this issue is overstated. I find it hard to get offended about something like this where the point of the whole game is to brutally murder the fuck out of people. I'd rather my dishonored trailer to contain rubber clad assassins than be the juvenile throat stab fest it was as I try to explain to someone how cool the art direction was for instance.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      Hahahaha! Sorry but if having high standards is expecting to be respected as a human being then it's no wonder you're forever alone Who are these "vast swathes?" None of the guys I know. Just a vocal minority of idiots on the internet who ruin it for the majority of dudes .

    I feel that we do, in fact, need yet another article about how much E3 sucks and how much we as men hate women so much that all video games are a testament to our misogynistic life goals. I for one do not wish to read about the latest games and hardware without a hearty infusion of gender politics thrown in for good measure.

      Nobody's making you click the link or write a comment. If you'd prefer to remain blissfully ignorant while reading articles about games and hardware, that's your prerogative.

      Then don't read the article? It's a news aggregate site on all things relating to games.

      I could certainly use some reading to encourage me to feel bad about having a penis. Particularly when visiting a games site.

        These articles have NOTHING to do with making you feel bad about having a penis. They should make people feel bad about being jerks - whether you have a vagina or a penis because believe me, being a jerk transcends gender. It's unfortunate you take the defensive, because you could actually learn something if you LISTENED instead of just complaining all the time.

          The debate will go nowhere as long as phrases like "idiotic pebbledicks" are tossed around by people who think they're making things better.

    Hasn't the commentary over this last week has lost (or never had) focus?

    I think that it was unwise to refer to the event in the trailer as a rape - not because fiction can't contain rape but because it is a sensitive topic - an understandably so.

    It's important to note that fiction often contains all manner of bigotry and abuse - whether or not it should is a bigger topic and one that perhaps shouldn't be limited to the medium of games.

    I see plenty of evidence of sexism in the games industry- although I am not sure that the over sexualisation of some characters in games is a direct result of it (I suspect it has more to do with the target demographic of game players).

    I love Charlie Brooker (in a sort of paternal way ... I want to look after him and protect him).

    That is a wondrous quote, but I seem to be late to the party. Now to go find out what the fuss is!



      Brooker is fantastic. Other people make me sad. The comment section is full of fuck.

      So many comments make the argument that male characters in games are female fantasies. Words do not describe how untrue that is. I find most video game characters obnoxious regardless of their sex — they're either the 12-year-old's wet-dream girl or his fantasy for what *he* would like to be.

      Damn, gaming industry. Just... damn. This is why I'm mostly a niche gamer. Until the rest of it grows up, I'm gonna sit on the fringe of it all and be content.

    Every time someone who agrees that women should be represented better in games buys a game that objectifies women is in fact an accomplice. I'd love to be given games with great female characters such as Uncharted 2. But unless the publishers and developers get the message that it's not OK to do this it won't happen.

    On the other side, I'm not happy that the game developers don't cop the blame front and center, after all, THEY are making them. The excuse "the audience wants it" isn't an excuse...some of the biggest games ever made have no females at all. There isn't a direct correlation between big tits, damsels in distress and massive sales.

    So what we are hoping for at some point in the future is that Gaming becomes as bland and as PC as our lives have become?

    Yeah... I look forward to that. I don't think woman should be objectified/ made out in any regard different to men in any situation. But I'm sorry... I'll chew my own penis off before it gets to the point where games are as PC as real life. That's half the fucking point of video games... An ESCAPE from reality...

    No, I'm not War of the 4 horsemen and I never will be. No, I'm not the hot heroine from Tomb Raider in real life, but hey it's FUN to play as her. Hot/ ugly or otherwise. Man... Bayonetta was one saucy lead character, but DAMN it was fun playing as her kicking all kinds of ass in her skintight hair? Clothes :p

    Seriously... I miss the old days! When I could turn on my console, play my game and not feel like a misogynistic prick because there's titalege in my games! God forbid...

    Now if you don't mind I must get back to my bondage porn... I need to see guys getting bossed around and objectified to feel better about myself as a male gamer....

    The amount of abuse being directed towards the creator of that documentary on tropes vs. women in video games is truly appalling.

    That said, the fetish-nuns trailer is NOT going to make anyone into a rapist nor is it going to perpetuate rape or have any effect at all on violence against women.

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