Watch Dogs Uses Microsoft's New SmartGlass Tech


    Cool story bro

      It really is. Exciting new IP will use so-far vague new Xbox tech. It is an indication that the smartglass thingimabob will actually be a thing!

        Although now I think about it, that's analysis I wouldn't mind reading on the site.

          Yeah agree.. I think it is actually really interesting. Seeing as though the in game player is using a phone to control the thingys he has (techno jargon sorry if ou didnt understand that)... so using your own phone for these tasks would actually be really coo. Can't wait to try it...

    holy shit, infomation overload.

    This would have been awesome if they did so during their demo.

    Considering the game concept this is unsuprising - in fact the idea of it already feels so natural to me already that I probably couldn't think of a more perfect platform to really help people get invested in using SmartGlass as a regular accompaniment to their Xbox usage.

    This 'article' is MY fault, Im the one who's too stupid to ignore anything with the name Luke Plunkett as an author (and im using that word in its broadest possible term)

      I'm willing to excuse this during E3, as the site almost becomes a 'live blog'.

        Sick of this shit^ Do you guys want your games information sites to have less information?
        Is your time so precious so that it warrants publicly attacking a man's profession?

          1 - I would like articles to be rich in content and enjoyable to read.
          2- yes yes it does warrant the time, because time and time again Luke pukes out bullshit articles.

          but it is my fault i clicked on the article with his name on it :(

            1 - What if this particular piece of information wasn't reported anywhere else in the site and unfortunately didn't have any more details to go with it? Would we then attack someone reporting something if the waited for being too slow?

            2 - It's a matter of opinion. I didn't know this particular piece of information and now I do.

            3 - Grow up.

    Use smartphone to control in-game smartphone - neat gimmick but where do I get the extra two hands from?

      My exact thoughts, pretty cool concept, but gimmicky

      Game character has to put his gun away to use his phone, don't he? Immersion, brah!

    so i had to read all the way down into the comments until george here finally told me what smartglass is. im assuming watch dogs is a new game coming out?

    thanks luke for having near no information in the article itself.

      Dude, if you don't know what watch dogs and smart glass is by now, I'm surprised you're the kind of person thats scrolling down kotaku comments.. :)

      There were articles on Smart Glass and Watch Dogs yesterday. I don't think it's unreasonable that you either know what those things are by now, or click the tag links that will take you to all articles about Smart Glass:

      and Watch Dogs:


    "In rather vague, unspecified ways, Ubisoft’s crowd-stopping Watch Dogs will make use of Microsoft’s new SmartGlass tech. Interesting"

    Ubisoft aren't the only ones who are 'vague'. In any case, thanks for that 'interesting' personal input.

    who gives a shit. most people won't use it. and how will it be used? a map, or some gimmick input that isn't required to play the game, therefore will be absolutely useless.

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