While You Were Sleeping... R18+ Passed!

You were most likely awake last night at around 9.45-10.00, but there's a good chance you weren't at your keyboard. So you might have missed the fact that R18+ passed through the senate without amendment, meaning that — if each separate state gets their own legislation through quickly enough — we will see the first R18+ game classified in 2013!

You can get the full story here. Although there is still a short way to go until we actually see R18+ video games in stores, this is a massive step forward.

And what else? Well, this could be future of video games, but we're all going to look pretty stupid doing it!

These iconic characters are eating pizza, smoking pot and playing video games. WAT? This is a pretty cool Where's Wally style search for the game director of Diablo III, and apparently Just Cause 2 could finally get multiplayer.

In Short Iconic Game Characters Smoke Pot, Eat Pizza, Play Video Games Can You Find The Director Of Diablo III R18+ Successfully Passes Through Parliament If This Is The Future Of Gaming, Then We're All Gonna Look So Stupid Just Cause 2 Could Finally Get Awesomely Chaotic Multiplayer


    Well, as there are 180 comments in the actual news post let me be the first here to say...


    Now we just need to wait until the states get their act together.

    Believe it or not this actualy going to bad for games, many games that would have been MA15+ will now be bumped up to R,publishers like movie studios will self censor to ge the M rating to widen their audience and lets not forget games can still be refused classifcation outright.

      Benefits outweigh the costs. The way it was, studios were censoring games just to get them into Australia. Many studios hate dumbing down their games, so I dont think they are going to dumb them down just to get them into an M category. Age of an average gamer is at least over 20 so their target audience isnt really the 13 yr old cod boy.

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