'Legendary Edition' Halo 4 Hardware Includes Controller Sold Separately

The "Legendary Edition" Halo 4 console bundle, outed on Thursday, was officially revealed yesterday at Comic-Con. What we didn't know is that it'll have some Halo 4-themed controllers sold separately.

For those who want a piece of Halo-themed hardware but can't take the the full console package's $US400 price tag, a custom gamepad will run the usual $US59.99 and feature a design that is separate from the controllers paired with the Halo 4 Xbox. The gamepads sold separately appear to feature blue lights for the quadrants surrounding the dashboard button instead of the usual green.

The game arrives November 4; listings have the controllers available October 21.


    Torn on the controller.... so fugly... yet oddly appealing...

    because a true fan would sell his current functional xbox for a a skinned one at full rrp

      No, a true fan will be buying this as well.

      I'm highly considering picking up the Star Wars & this.

      I like collecting stuff, I tracked down one the Halo: Reach ones a year or two ago. No regrets at all, looks amazing.

        man where were you when I wanted to get the Gears of War xbox, would gladly sell my reach one

        Do you have one of the origonall xbox 360s for when halo 3 came out?, been wanting one of those for a while, or the clear green origonal halo xbox, been trying to track one of those down they seem pretty rare now

          Unfortunately not - the Halo3 one would be a great one to have.

          Original Halo xboxes are impossible to get in PAL, NTSC is no issue. That's a lot of my problems, trying to find PAL versions of games & consoles.

          I was the silly person who bought that xbox 360 case signed by MC Hammer that was on Kotaku awhile back. It's awesomely random.

            very hard to find i have 1x White Clear original, 1x Green Halo Clear Original (Pal from Aus)
            1 x Halo 3 Console, 1x Re5 Red Console, 1X Reach Slim... waiting 4 Halo 4 Console :)

    I think the controllers included with the console are better looking

      I agree.. but I want that blue LED around the X-ring.

    Wow... So cool I'm so getting this and I love the blue light on the home button. So selling my slim model for this. ;)

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