The Steam Sale Is Almost Over…Can You Hold Your Nerve?

The Steam Sale Is Almost Over…Can You Hold Your Nerve?

After all the games and all the savings, Steam’s Summer Sale is drawing to a close. Many of you have likely bought at least something. Just as many, though, have likely been holding out, waiting for good deals to get better.

As the sale winds down, you’re left with a tough decision.

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  • I think i have spent about $100 on the sale but most games have come from the flash sales.

    Most of the games that have been on sale i have no interest in playing.

  • I’ve spent around $30, maybe $35 if you count a couple of gifts I bought. Everything I’ve bought was less than $5. No regrets.

    I’ll probably buy SPAZ when I get home from work. I thought I wanted it but I tried the demo and decided I wasn’t $10 interested. It’s probably worth $2.50 easily, but I’m a bit over it now.

    I’m kind of hoping Age of Empires 3 pops up again. I know it was like $10 in a flash sale yesterday, but I wanted to deliberate it while I was playing Spec Ops. I forgot about it until the next sale had started.

        • I haven’t played an AoE since the first one and that was a LONG time ago. If AoE is even remotely similar, I’d be happy.

          • Mate, it’s like the Jagged Alliance reboot. It’s like the Transformers movie. It’s like the dungeons and dragons cartoon.

            It’s bloody awesome in your memory. Leave it there. A new version can never live up to your memory, and playing the old one will just remind you of how much times have changed.

  • Finally tally $87.52

    Mainly because I already own most of steam ><

    *shakes fist* STEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!

  • God…. so much money saved. But would I have bought them otherwise???

    Fallout 3 GOTY and NV GOTY, BIOSHOCK 1 and 2, Borderlands GOTY, PAYDAY: The Heist, KOTOR (part 1), Vampire Bloodlines, Splinter Cell Conviction, 2 copies of Witcher enhanced to give to friends and Just Cause 2 and all its DLC…

    All up? I think 75 bucks? That’s around 6 – 700 bucks worth of brand new gaming there.

    Now ask me how much of it I’ve bought before… owning it digitally was the purpose though as most of my codes didn’t work on Steam and well, some of them are awesome value 😀

  • My total is roughly $100.
    $30 of that is an entirely regrettable 4-pack of Fray. Piece of crap…
    The rest is a couple of games for me (with some DLC) and a whole bunch of $5 gifts. Specifically, games that are good that cost $5.

  • Been holding out to see what the last few days bring. Probably drop $50-$100 to keep myself occupied over the coming months

  • I’ve spent $3.75 on American Nightmare and thats it. I really want to give Skyrim another go with my full attention this time, so I’m holding out til the xmas sales.

    • Oh man, when was American Nightmare $3.75? I was waiting for it to go on a flash. Must’ve missed it. Ahh well. Have other things now.

  • I was good this year. Galactic Civ II for 10 bucks, Mirrors edge for 5, stalker 1 for 10, krater for 7 i think and quantum conundrum for about 7 as well.So not bad this year

  • I think I spent around about $250-$300ish. I can say I saved a fair bit getting the games on steam (PC) rather than the xbox.

    I’m glad this sale was on. I’ve been out of the gaming loop since January due to work and I haven’t had the time to purchase or play the games I wanted to. Thanks to the sale, I now have all the games I wanted to play!

    Now comes the fun part.. playing them all 😀 I think I’ll start with KOTOR..

  • I only buy if the price is the same as US prices. ie I refuse to buy Fallout:NV because we get charged DOUBLE what US gets charged. Despite the fact that the Ultimate Ed has been about $11.50, its the principle of it all since US get it for $6.99.

    • I had someone in the US gift me a couple games I wanted that got slugged with the ‘Australia tax’ and paid them for thier trouble. Such a terrible way to have to go about it….

  • I spent around $45 but I got 7 games out of that so that will keep me busy for a while (or bulk up the pile)

  • I bought nothing. Main two I wanted were Quantum Conundrum (which I only saw go down 40%) and Rage (which for some reason, possibly by voodoo magic, did have its regular price drop down from $89 to $29 and then discounted 66%, alas by that time my bank account had dried up for the week). Still got about a dozen games I haven’t even started so loathe to buy more just yet.

    • theres the saying it isnt over till the fat lady sings… well the steam sale isnt over till the gf finds out…
      luckily the new steam app for android has helped me aquire 14 new additions to my pile of shame for about $90… and she hasnt sung yet….

    • Yeah I’m in that category too, will be around $215 once I do the proper thing with Skyrim today, the workshop looks all too tempting and will give this game an epic lifecycle, perhaps even more than my marriage…

  • Managed to get away only buying Arma II, the Thief collection and Dragon Age: Origins. So maybe $30. It helps that I was away for the first half of the sale

  • I managed to pick up Terraria for $2.50 (worth every cent!), the GTA Collection for $17 (bargain!) and I was tempted to pick up the ‘id’ collection, but it was just a little too pricey, plus I had a number of those games already.

    • If you’re like me, Terraria will be your best investment.
      I paid full price of ~$10 when it came out and have played 196 hours O.o
      $0.05 per hour is a very cheap game 😛

      • I’d seen it before and it looked rather interesting, but at the time I didn’t have a need for another game like that — I was still playing Penumbra: Black Plague (another game I got on sale through Steam, and worth every single cent (plus a ton more!)) and Minecraft.

        Looking back now, I would have gladly paid full price (and possibly more) for such a great game.

  • 47 games purchased for myself, coming in at around $300, with an extra $50 or so on gifts :S

    I hereby do solemnly vow to never partake in a Steam Sale so long as I live.

  • Around $150 so far. At least 12 months’ worth of gaming.

    I’ll say right now that the last week has ensured I will never ever not have a pile of shame.

  • total tally. $45. Easily my best, only got Batman Collection for $25, Rage for $10 and saints row the third collection for $9, i mean come on, you save about $100!

  • although i forgot to mention in previous sales, i gained about 110 games, and with only $400 roughly spent! (most of which i forget i own…)

  • $110 damage here which is only $10 over my loosely allocated budget so I’m pretty happy. Cleared off my wishlist and got a few games I have been off and on about. All in all, about 22 games were bought, making it an average of $5 per game which isn’t that bad. Hooray for math and it’s ability to mitigate regrets about spending money!

  • i was waiting for ARMA 2 to come down in price so i bought that at 40% off and i got the batman franchise a nice $40 well spent saved well over $100 😛

  • $100.64, just over the limit. Got 17 games + some DLC for that, so not too bad.
    Only bought one game with an Australian tax too, a bit annoying it was Saints row though, given that it’s now cheaper in Australia than the US or Europe.
    Was prepared to get Max Payne 3, Anno, Skyrim + C&Cs, but not willing to pay more than other countries. So come on rockstar/take two, ubisoft, bethesda and EA, pull your heads in.

  • Saint’s Row The Third – $9 with ALL DLC. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Buy, Buy, Buy!

    So glad I waited!

  • $24 for ARMA II – combined ops, so I could scare the shit out of myself at night time in the dark with Day Z, want to pick up galactic civ 2 and civ V as well

    • GalCiv 1 was pretty great. GalCiv 2 was a worthy successor but I didn’t get into it was much as the original.

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